Paper Play

The Artist & the Journal - Part 1

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Paper Play

I am such a paper lover! Paper and collage are a big part of my creative process: I love the variety of texture that papers can create, I love the serendipity that images and words invite, I love the deeply layered look that paper helps achieve...

And I also love paper for practical reasons: collage is amazing to quickly add color, texture and patterns to a piece of art. This is especially useful for art journaling and for those moments when you have limited creative time. You can even prepare a whole variety of painted papers in advance, and they become a wonderful way to add painterly effects to your pages even when you don't have the time to actually take out your paints.

Are you ready to go on a treasure hunt and get blissfully messy?

Let's dive in!

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
— Pablo Picasso


Magazine treasure hunt

For this you'll need some old magazines. Try to use magazines that resonate with you and uplift you, for instance gardening, cooking, lifestyle, travel or yoga magazines. You don't need to go buy any, just ask around to friends, family, your library, your doctor's office or your hairdresser!


Painterly Papers

Let's create some cool, painterly papers! For this you'll need some of the magazine pages you've gathered, some paints and inks, and some mark-making/stamping/stenciling tools (bubble wrap etc.). Don't forget to put on your apron!


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


Share your magic!

I hope you have a lot of fun creating your own unique papers! Remember that playfulness is key and not everything will turn out "right": stay open to the unexpected!

Please share your favorite papers in our Facebook group! Here are some suggestions of what you can post:

  • Share the bounty you've gathered from your magazine treasure hunt
  • Share before/after pictures of the papers you've customized
  • Share close-ups of your favorite bits of paper
  • Share a pic of your messy table and/or your paint-covered hands
  • Share a picture of your whole beautiful stash of papers
  • Share your favorite storage solution!

Join the group and share your magic here:

You can also share your photos related to the class on Instagram with the hashtag #artistjournalclass Have fun!