Word magic

The Artist & the Journal - Part 1

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Word magic

Writing is an essential part of my creative practice, and this is even more true when it comes to art journaling. Of course it's completely possible to have an art journal without actually "journaling" but it can be such a fulfilling and liberating practice.

Words have a magic of their own, they invite inner guidance in a way that's different from the art itself. The two complete each other by bringing wholeness and balance between our right brain and our left brain. We all have a well of inner wisdom waiting to be revealed, if we open up and let it flow.

Beatrix Potter quote - Laly Mille

Embrace your handwriting

For many artists, one of the obstacles to writing in an art journal is the feeling that our handwriting is not beautiful enough: too sloppy, too childish, too stiff, too irregular, too girly, too big, too small... "It's not good enough. I'm not good enough"... does this ring any bells?

For many years I had a very difficult, conflicted relationship with my handwriting. At school, no matter how good my work could be, or how perfect my spelling, teachers kept criticizing me for how sloppy my handwriting looked. I was so ashamed of it and I felt like I would never be "good enough". Until, as a teenager, I decided to rebel and embrace it: embrace my handwriting, embrace my messiness and embrace who I am. I cut the tips of all my fountain pens (that's what we were required to use back then) to experiment with calligraphy and replaced the ink with bright turquoise and hot pink!

If this is something you can relate to, then I hope the next videos will be useful to you.

Your handwriting is like your fingerprints in words. It's a gift. It's beautiful.

And I invite you to embrace it and make it a part of your art journaling practice!


Part 1


Part 2


Journaling prompts

The fear of the blank page is very similar to another paralyzing fear called... writer's block! But this is just resistance doing its thing, because the truth is that we all have an infinite source of wisdom and stories inside our souls. We will never be able to tell it all and have nothing left to say. And the art journal is such a perfect place to tell our stories. Think of it as a magical portal, your own unique story book. Once upon a time... 


You will find 2 card decks to download in the bonus section of the class: one with inspirational quotes and one with journaling prompts. Enjoy!


Share your magic!

Don't be shy and share your magical words in our group! This is a safe space where we can shine a light for each other with the utmost respect. Here are some suggestions of what you can post:

  • Share how you feel/felt about your handwriting
  • Share pictures of the handwritten papers you've created
  • Share your favorite writing tool: pen? pencil? charcoal?...
  • Share the story behind one of your art journal pages or other artwork
  • Share a text you've written (a story, a poem, a song...)
  • Share your favorite fairy-tale
  • Share a favorite quote
  • Share a favorite affirmation or mantra that helps you in your creative process

Join the group and share your magic!

You can also share your photos related to the class on Instagram with the hashtag #artistjournalclass Have fun!