The Artist & the Journal


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New Possibilities

Incorporating the practice of art journaling into my life as an artist has allowed me grow in new and unexpected ways!

  • What if you found renewed inspiration and freedom in the intimacy of your journal?

  • What if you deepened your voice to create art that is completely unique to you?

  • What if you took the leap from page to canvas?

Laly Mille - The Artist & the Journal online class -
  • If you are an artist who wants to explore the magic of working in a journal and create a practice that allows you to make more art, more often, and most importantly, art that is more YOU...

  • If you are an art-journal lover with a burning desire to take your art to the next step, while keeping the freedom and joy you find in your journal...

  • If you love both art journaling and painting, and would like to find your own flow between the two practices...


Laly Mille - The Artist & the Journal online class

My heart and soul have been touched in a way I wasn’t expecting. The course is impacting me far more deeply than just art technique. I can’t quite explain it. The timing for my life right now is unbelievably perfect. Thank you for putting so much of you into it.
— Joanne F.

course overview

I’m sharing my personal practice as an artist so that it inspires you to build your own with more confidence, with your own favorite techniques and style! Because this is all about growing YOUR wings and making YOUR art.

The Artist & the Journal - Mixed Media Painting and Art Journaling Workshop with Laly Mille

You will be with me in my studio as I share everything that's going on while I create, including:

  • how to get (and stay!) in the flow

  • challenging yourself in a way that feels good and fun!

  • getting stuck and how to turn it into new opportunities

  • how to bring your piece to completion

The Artist & the Journal - Mixed Media Painting and Art Journaling Workshop with Laly Mille

Plus a ton of fun activities and techniques for art journaling and painting, including:

  • setting up your space + mini set-up for small spaces & traveling

  • creating unique collage papers

  • how to start a page & what to journal about

  • embracing your own perfectly imperfect handwriting!

The Artist & the Journal - Mixed Media Painting and Art Journaling Workshop with Laly Mille

And also:

  • working with collage, paint, inks and more

  • creating a translucent portrait with book pages, gesso and inks

  • creating a large painting from inspiration found in your journal

  • composition tips and techniques

  • observing and learning from your own art!

I loved the class and am still experimenting in my journal and proud of the results. This course has re-opened my interest and developed my skills in mixed media.
— Val Key


The class is organized in 3 parts and is completely self-paced: there is no time-frame to complete any of the lessons and it's all about tuning in to your own rhythm. You have lifetime access.

If you are new to art journaling, my advice is to really take the time to build your practice and create several pages in your journal, before diving into Part 3.

The Artist & the Journal class with Laly Mille

Part 1 - Creative starting points

Invite your muse to play! This part of the class is a well of inspiration with lots of tutorials to give you a solid foundation for art journaling or refresh your existing practice. Let's get playful and messy!

The Artist & the Journal - Mixed Media Painting and Art Journaling Workshop with Laly Mille

Part 2 - The magic of the page

This second part of the class is all about creating in our journal. We will honor the magic of the creative process and explore intuition and intention through the making of two art journal spreads.

The Artist & the Journal - Mixed Media Painting and Art Journaling Workshop with Laly Mille

Part 3 - from page to canvas

It's time to take a big, beautiful leap! This part of the class is a deep dive into mixed media painting, with our journal as a source of endless inspiration!

I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for all I’ve learned in this course, Laly. I trust myself so much more as a result of your lovely teaching. You possess so many lovely gifts and I’m really glad you followed your impulse to share them in this way. It has been transformational. Must be all the butterflies!
— Bridget Bryans Skjordahl


The class includes:

  • Over 8 hours of video (English captions & French subtitles available)

  • A whole palette of tutorials from making your own journal to creating unique collage papers, and all my favorite mixed media techniques!

  • Two in-depth art journaling projects to build a beautiful and meaningful page with intuition and intention

  • One in-depth painting project on canvas inspired by elements of our journal pages

  • Journaling prompts, creative tips & starting points to overcome the fear of the blank page, find inspiration for painting and journaling, and fall in love with your own beautifully imperfect handwriting!

  • Downloadable PDFs & extra resources!

The Artist & the Journal - Mixed Media Painting and Art Journaling Workshop with Laly Mille

+ BONUS! “A Garden Dream”: a full art journaling session inspired by the beauties of Nature!



 Free Bonus!

I'm thrilled to include a new bonus in the class! “A Garden Dream” is a very spontaneous, full art journaling session to connect to the joyful energy of Nature in full bloom! Watch a preview below:


let’s fly together!

You will be invited to gather with hundreds of like-minded creatives from all over the world in our private Facebook group, a safe place to share, encourage and learn from each other!

We also have an Instagram hashtag #artistjournalclass for you to share your photos related to the class (progress pics and happy messes welcome!)

And I will be there to answer your questions and cheer you on as you grow your beautiful wings! (seats are limited so that I can truly be available to support you on your journey)

I have to say this course is so deep and touching. I’m so grateful and happy of being here with you all guys. Thank you all!! Thank you Laly for sharing priceless things.
— Flor Baurs


Make your own Art journal!

I'm delighted to share this free tutorial from the class! In this video I'm showing you the simple technique I use to make an art journal from a pad of watercolor paper. It will allow you to create a nice, sturdy journal that takes wet media really well and opens flat from the first page to the last! You will also find a ready-made option in the supplies list.