The blog is 1 year old this week!

And to celebrate properly, I've got a BIG birthday present: a complete makeover! That's right,  www.lalymille.com has just moved from Blogger to a real, fully bilingual Wordpress website!

To think that only a little over a week ago I had no idea how web hosting or Wordpress worked, never met my new Feedburner and Filezilla friends, never touched php or css (apart from a few long-forgotten  classes in college)... well, I'm a little proud of myself! (and let's face it, utterly sleep-deprived)

In the first few days there will probably be a few adjustments made: I still need to polish a few things up, like editing the translations of older posts, adding legends to gallery images and restoring my tags lists. There should be a few broken links too, while I'm moving from my local server to my web hosting service, but apart from that, I can't wait to meet you here! And once the move is complete, we'll celebrate properly with a giveaway! See you there soon!