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Layers of Light

Mixed media art class


By popular demand, I’m reopening registration for my most in-depth and most-loved online art class! Group sessions for Layers of Light happen only once or twice a year with limited seats and registration starts soon!

What if you were a Light-Seeker?
What if your unique creative spark was just a few brushstrokes away?

Lifetime access: 199 EUR - 237 USD

* Limited seats *


CHAPTer 1: The Dance of Light & Shadow

This chapter is all about paying attention to light in our lives, and infusing it into art in a way that feels authentic and natural. It's about connecting with our creative spark, but also making friends with the shadows and embracing contrast.

Lesson 1 - Connect to your inner light with a "Soulboard", loosen up with intuitive collage and start awakening your creative spark!

Lesson 2 - Create a light-filled, soothing yet slightly moody mixed media painting with collage, paint, ink and a black & white photo. Explore white-on-white effects, neutral tones and darks.

CHAPTER 2: Layers of Life

In this chapter we get inspired by the layers that make up our daily lives. We will create art that has a tactile quality, building up soft, gritty and translucent layers of plaster, wax, fiber, paper...

Lesson 3 - Create a mini collage series with encaustic wax on plaster gauze and weave found words throughout the pieces.

Lesson 4 - Explore your inner world and create a dreamy landscape painting with gorgeous layers of paper, wax and fiber.

CHAPTER 3: Shine your truth

In this final chapter, we bring it all together to create deep, meaningful art that is an authentic expression of who we are. We explore the layers of meaning of personal symbols & stories and incorporate them into poetic pieces.

Lesson 5 - Create a series of small abstract paintings around a chosen symbol. Work with a grid composition and build up misty layers with my favorite faux-encaustic technique!

Lesson 6 - Indulge in every color of the rainbow and create a dreamy, figurative painting that will honor your inner artist and support you as you shine your light into the world...

The serenity of this course is singing me home to myself.
— Julie Clay

The class includes:

Laly Mille
  • 6 in-depth lessons and painting projects where I share every little detail of my art process 
  • Over 10 hours of video (english captions & french subtitles available)
  • Creative tips & activities
  • Journaling prompts
  • Photo prompts
  • Pinterest inspiration boards
  • Contributing artists interviews by Roxanne Evans Stout, Meghan Genge, Jessica Brogan, Sarah Treanor, Petra Hrziwnatzki and Stephanie Lee!
  • + Bonus video series: "White Magic, Soft Neutrals & Dark Beauty"
  • + Bonus workshop: "Into the Light" with inspiration prompts, guided meditation, creativity tips and "True North Star" full painting project!

And the most beautiful, light-filled community with hundreds of creatives from all over the world!


Some topics we will explore:

  • Magical white-on-white effects and translucent layers

  • Natural / neutral tones, contrast, texture

  • Intuitive composition, line, shape, movement, depth

  • Combining words with art


yummy materials we will use:

  • Paints, gesso, inks, paper, and any supplies you already have!

  • Gritty and luminous plaster, delicate lace and fiber, beautiful encaustic wax, translucent acrylic medium…

A word on wax

Working with encaustic for the first time can feel a little bit intimidating, but it's also completely addictive! I will show you how to set up your space in a safe and simple way. You're going to fall in love!

And if you don't feel ready just yet, don't let that stop you: I will teach you my easy, no-heat, no-melt faux-encaustic technique. You will achieve slightly different but beautiful and oh-so-rewarding results, and all the knowledge you will have gained will be super useful when starting real encaustic too! You have life-time access to the course so you can dive into encaustic whenever you're ready.

Two things really surprised me. First was the encaustic inspired multilayering of acrylic gel medium. I would have never dared to do such a thing, had I not seen it so expertly shown in your video. Now I love it and will use this in my works in other ways. The other thing was the step in the last lesson when we do a reverse layering to take some of the layers back off for rediscovering surprises. That was amazing! I would have never discovered that on my own.
— Angie Cook

into the light

your bonus workshop!

We humans have always felt fascinated by the stars... They show us the way when we feel lost, they remind us of who we really are, of how much energy and light we hold deep within. They look so tiny in the dark night sky, yet we know that this is not the truth, that they are so big, bright, powerful and so incredibly beautiful. Just like each and every one of us.



  • “Your True North Star”, full bonus lesson! Create a dreamy mixed media painting that will be a daily reminder of your inner light. Includes a printable ebook.

  • “Follow your Star”, a visual meditation to connect to the beautiful guiding star that lives inside of you

  • “The Light Seeker’s Creative Map” PDF workbook: 4 steps to awaken your creative spark!

  • Your Light, Your Art!” PDF ebook: 10 light-filled tips for your creative journey

With 3 downloadable ebooks!


Laly, I had an extraordinary time pushing myself again to learn new ways of creating art. I’ve been so blessed to be a part of Into the Light and Layers of light, which I have reviewed over and over and always find a little something new to inspire me. Thank you again for leading us all into new territory where we’ve found out little but important victories.
— Melissa Schneider
LL PLC canvas and cards.jpg
I have grown by leaps and bounds since finding Laly and working my way through Layers of Light. Laly is the most informational and inspiring teacher I’ve ever worked with.
— Melissa Wambach Schneider
I was completely mesmerized when I came across Layers of Light! It has inspired me, taught me new techniques and helped me evolve as an artist. I was able to ‘connect the dots’ if that makes any sense! Watching the classes feels like a mystical experience I can’t get enough of! You truly have a gift for teaching and I will be eternally grateful!
— Angela Thompson
There is something in this class that takes you away to places inside you where your dreams come from. It is soft, it is gentle, yet the work that is produced is powerful and honest. The participant learns to observe their surroundings and look inward to bring out strong statement pieces of beautiful art. Each lesson is refreshing and enjoyable – you so look forward to taking each and every lesson. Every session is different and challenges you, but they are not hard – the challenge comes in having an open sense of curiosity and playfulness. There is a systematic approach that is well organized and patiently given.

Laly Mille possesses a childlike sense of wonder inside her that comes through in her classes, and she helps you soften your eyes and open your heart whilst learning and creating meaningful pieces.
I so enjoyed Layers of Light and will take it again and again because each time I do the lessons, I find a new dawn.
— Didi Arias
I learned from watching you Laly, to slow down and relax, to truly hear the “calls”.
I learned so much from you, gathering my papers and fibers to have a good start. A start that can be changed in a heart beat, running around, finding other remnants that might work also. It’s downright exciting at times.
I found a lot of patience, in your teachings for myself personally. Your “ways” are so is like you were right there with me. Your style and “senses” profoundly lead us to “seeing and feeling” deeply, and wondrously. Your classes, your words, your educating skills remain and linger wherever I roam in my work now. I am grateful and thank you immensely.
— Wanda Miller
Not only did I learn some really beautiful techniques in your classes like layering and your lovely color palette but also the sweet, patient, quiet way to approach art. Your calm, sequential, organized lessons and beautiful videos were a joy to watch.
— Janet Reid
A magical journey, a soulful, safe nest for all those inner feelings. Laly has the most beautiful aura and teaching manner. Allowing you to create meaningful, personal art within a class. I found memories both joyful and sorrowful, long tucked away, appearing in my art. She shows you how to ‘shine’ in the loveliest of ways. Her lessons are clear and beautifully shot. You cannot but feel a connection with Laly. Although there are many others in the course you are each special. A friend found though never met. Thank you for crossing my path and enriching my creative spirit.
— Chris Burton
Your class has been quite transformative in how I think about and approach my art, helping me be braver and more experimental, and worry a little less about the ‘end result’. I’ve seen quite a few online tutorials now and I think your style of teaching and the beautifully shot, well lit, clear, inspirational and informative videos are the best, BY MILES!
I adore the support and encouragement we get from each other in the Facebook group, but best of all is your wonderful attention to our needs, your speed of response, and the feeling you give each of us that we matter and that you’re giving us your personal attention. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m so very grateful I found you and your wonderful class.
— Sheilagh Dyson
I am so enthralled and excited that I am almost forgetting to breathe. Whenever I work on something that you have directed Laly, I just feel so comfortable. Hard to describe but totally wonderful experience. I have never done anything like this before.
— Hazel Agnew
Your class has helped me understand the process of layering. I can paint in any medium from inks to acrylics and follow the same process of making layers. Also I learnt a lot about what colors to use.
— Priti Desai
This class is amazing. I learned more about myself than I thought possible. I have been inspired in too many ways to mention. I find myself going for it because of many techniques that can change it later. I see the changes in all the mediums that I dabble in. My favorite where the collage with the photos, the burlap technique and the series of elements. I highly recommended Laly.
— Debby Pfeiffer Campbell Gibson
Two things really surprised me. First was the encaustic inspired multilayering of acrylic gel medium. I would have never dared to do such a thing, had I not seen it so expertly shown in your video. Now I love it and will use this in my works in other ways. The other thing was the step in the last lesson when we do a reverse layering to take some of the layers back off for rediscovering surprises. That was amazing! I would have never discovered that on my own.
— Angie Cook
I took your advice and just kept working the layers, giving the piece “a chance” to become. I can’t wait to reveal the rest of the piece. Thanks for your encouragement.
— Shay Vaughan
My thing is usually little books so I have been surprised by how much I learned about layering and the use of different media in your classes. I’ve also learned not to force the composition but to let it speak to me from within. Now I’m taking all of that back to my little books!
— Lesley Jolly
Your beautiful work, gentle encouraging way of showing and teaching, with so many options and delightful insight to the deeper meaning we may find in the journey as you have done - combined with real information about mixed media layering; techniques, and the process, all this combined into so many wonderful projects to explore - has opened up a whole new world for me.

The quality of your videos is such that I will never tire of watching them. The music is comforting. I can always see what you are doing clearly, and you explain it all so well!

I have not stopped since I began working under your instruction. This has touched a cord with me and the nature of how I like to work. As for growing my skills, I think the most important thing I took away is to trust myself more in trying new things- like adding my own writings to my work. Also, I love the way you talked about the mystery of partially hidden things when layering. It took me out of my “perfection mode” of thinking every little thing had to be apparent and clearly seen.
I want to know when you add more classes. I will be there!!!
— Angie Cook