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Dear Artist...

(... yes that's you!) Let me start by saying a big, wholehearted THANK YOU for being here! "Layers of Light" is a project so dear to my heart, and I'm delighted to be sharing it with you. It has been slowly growing its roots month after month, deep within my soul, and now it's finally ready to reach out for the light!

There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.
— Beatrix Potter

Let your light shine through your art

In this mixed media workshop, we are going to explore ways to infuse Light into our art:

  • We will achieve dreamy effects and translucent textures.
  • We will work with soft colors, beautiful neutral tones, a dash of black and layer upon layer of dreamy white
  • We will create to our heart's content with collage, paint, encaustic, journaling and much more
  • We will play with texture, contrast and composition to achieve a deep, soothing yet dynamic look that feels like taking a deep breath…

My intention for this course is to create a safe space where you can play and explore, share techniques and processes that feed your creativity, be inspired you to make art through delightful and soulful projects, and feel gently guided and nudged as you create art that is true to YOU.

I also hope that this workshop takes you on a journey of discovery. I believe that we each have a unique kind of light nestled within ourselves. Sometimes we feel it so strongly, so naturally, and at other times it eludes us, hidden behind the clouds. But it's there, always, and it's up to us to go chasing it, to allow it and to express it in our lives and in our art.

We are Light-Seekers!

I'm first and foremost an artist and, just like you, a creative soul on a journey of discovery. I think that all creative endeavors involve a good dose of fear, courage and vulnerability. So why do we push through the fear and create anyway? Why do we strive to grow, learn, evolve, dig deep and give form to our dreams? Why did you sign up for this class and made this commitment to yourself to learn and practice something new, and devote time and energy to your creative spark?

Probably for the same reason I'm sharing this class with you: I do it because it feels right, and good and exciting! In perfect alignment with my truth, with my inner light. I choose to follow my guiding star, day after day.

I choose to be a Light Seeker, what about you?

What is your intention for this course?... Take a moment to listen to the whispers of your soul, of your inner light, and write it in your journal. Think of it as your compass for the journey!

The magic of words

"Layers of Light" is really about sharing my inspiration and my process with you authentically. And writing (in a journal, on scraps of papers, on the canvas or on my blog) is truly an important part of it. So throughout the course we will write and incorporate words in the art we make, in intuitive and creative ways.

Words have a magic of their own, they are often more powerful than we know! I often write all over my paintings as a first layer (and even as a final layer!)

I journal a lot but I don’t have an art-journal (yet?). I just let the words flow intuitively on the page. I don’t care at all what they look like or sound like, I’m not trying to make anything pretty. Most of the time they’re just messy and raw, full of unfinished sentences, and that’s OK. I hardly ever re-read them anyway. They are an outlet for emotions. Release and relief. An invitation for inner guidance to reveal itself. More often than not they also invite tears, sometimes sighs of joy and bright bursts of clarity. They dissolve the fog and bring light back in.

Shine where you are

For most of the projects of this class, I really encourage you to use whatever supplies you already have. A supplies list is available for each project, but there is much to be said for experimenting and finding workarounds. That's how I came up with some of my favorite techniques, including the "encaustic effect" technique!

In the Resources section, I show you lots of different materials that I use for whites, neutral tones and darks. The point is absolutely not for you to get them all, but really to look around you and find whatever materials you have at your disposal. I started with very little and built my stash of supplies over time.

If you happen to be a beginner: lucky you! The beginner’s spirit is such a gift. And if you’re a seasoned artist, I hope this course will be an opportunity for you to play, explore and find new ways to express your truth.

Wherever you are on your creative journey, I really want to honor your courage: daring to make art takes guts! The desire to learn means being ready to go out of your comfort zone, opening yourself up to something different, something new. It's a brave and vulnerable place. And we're in it together.

Thank you for being here,

The world needs your light!

Light & Love,

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