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The magic in this world seems to work in whispers and small kindnesses...
— Charles de Lint

Behind the pages

LBW wax layers W.jpg

I created my first "Little Book of Whispers" a few months ago, at a time when the world seemed so loud that I just couldn't find those moments of stillness inside of me anymore. Inspiration got scared and just flew away... How do you reconnect to your soul at such times? How do you tune in to the whispers all over again?

For me, quite unexpectedly, the answer came in the form of a little artist book: this small and very intimate project guided me back home to my truth and my art.

Little Book of Whispers is a quiet and gentle journey, born in little pockets of time amidst the roars of the world. A little bubble of stillness to reconnect with the not-so-loud part of ourselves and create beauty from this sacred and fragile inner place... I have shared the story behind this project on my blog, you can read it HERE.

Listen for the whispers of your Soul.
Soul quietly flows through every part of you.
— Nancy Lankston

Follow the whispers...

In this soulful little workshop, we will be tuning in to the whispers of our soul, as we create a beautiful artist book with paper, fiber, plaster and encaustic wax...

We will use cut-out words in a very intuitive and playful process, like tiny paper oracles, and allow them to come together with imagery, serendipitously and poetically.

This yummy project is packed with some of my favorite techniques and each page becomes a little artwork in itself. The process is so versatile that you will be able to create book after book in your own style, to tell YOUR own story.

Page after page, your soul knows the way

Little Book of Whispers is a journey, a quiet one, a gentle one, born in little pockets of time amidst the roars of the world. A little bubble of stillness to reconnect with the not-so-loud part of ourselves and create beauty from this sacred and fragile inner place...

I will guide you through the making of two books, with different sizes and techniques, including an easy and oh-so-lovely no-stitch, no-plaster, no-wax option with a vintage book cover (you can definitely mix and match!). Among other things, we will:

  • Create layered pages with paper and fiber
  • Use and honor left-over materials from past projects (all those lovely left-over scraps you just can't throw away!)
  • Trust our intuition, as we invite the whispers with cut-out words, imagery and journaling
  • Create chunky covers with plaster gauze, wax and a crocheted doily
  • Hide secrets and add mystery with flaps, pockets etc.
  • Bind our books with simple stitching... or no stitching at all!
  • Add beautiful finishing touches and embellishments


Sneak Peek!

I couldn't resist showing you the making of a little book from the class from start to finish... Join me and create yours!


WHAT you'll need

Very few "art" materials are needed for this project: it's all about gathering discarded things and giving them new life! I highly recommend that you use any materials that you already have. You'll find lots of suggestions below:


To build the pages:

  • a variety of scraps of papers in neutral tones (look for left-overs from past projects!). Some good choices are: book-pages, handwritten letters, pages from your journal, postcards, library cards, recipe cards, kraft envelopes, mulberry paper, sewing pattern tissue, wrapping paper, teabag paper...
  • a few vintage papers (either originals or laser prints): ledger paper, letters... There are also lots of lovely vintage-looking scrap-booking papers. Check out the class's Pinterest board for a selection of free high-res printables!
  • a variety of fibers: lace, ribbon, cheesecloth, pieces of old linen and clothes (ask around you or go to the thrift store or a garage sale)
  • matte gel medium
  • medium-sized flat paintbrush
  • some freezer paper or other non-stick paper to put between the pages while they dry

To bind the book:

  • bookbinder's cloth or other thin fabric (tulle, cheesecloth...)
  • for the stitch method: a needle tool (awl), a needle and some strong thread (quilting thread is good)
  • for the non-stitch option: nothing!

To catch the whispers, add words and imagery:

  • some vintage images or other favorite images: botanical prints, natural history prints, postcards, photos... check out the class's Pinterest board for a selection of free high-res printables!
  • a few book-pages or copies of book-pages that we will use for cut-out words: favorite books, poetry, fairytales, children's literature, old dictionary...
  • a variety of fine-tip pens and pencils to journal with.

To create the covers:

  • for the plaster and wax option: plaster gauze, a piece of cotton fabric, and the encaustic materials listed HERE.
  • for the no-plaster, no-wax option: a book-cover, preferably a vintage one, or you can also use a cover from a regular book and decorate/distress it. You could even print a vintage cover (again, check-out the Pinterest board) and glue it on thick card-stock.
  • a crochet doily (not necessarily vintage): ask around you or find lots on Etsy!

For finishing touches:

  • tea, coffee or distress inks
  • white acrylic paint
  • some dimensional elements such as feathers, seeds, buttons, broken jewelry, label-holders or other embellishments
  • optional: brush-tip Pitt artist pens


Printables Pinterest board!

Here is a selection of free high-res printables to use in your book if you wish!


support and community

I'm here to guide you all along the way, answer your questions and cheer you on. You'll be invited to join our beautiful tribe of "soul whisperers" in our Little Book of Whispers Facebook group: a safe, inspiring and peaceful space where you'll get to make friends with artists from all over the world.

Little Book of Whispers Facebook group


About me

Laly Mille

I walk my artist’s path in bare feet with my face toward the starry sky. I create from a place of lightness, ease and not-so-ordinary magic. Following the soft voice of my inner guide has shaped the artist I am today.

While I was praised for good grades as a child, it was always that which I made with my hands that delighted my spirit and made me the most proud.

Today I find joy and a sense of true purpose in not only bringing beauty into this world through the art that I make, but also in nurturing the creative longings of others. As an online art instructor and certified creativity coach, I’m grateful to be able to share the gift of inspiration each and every day.

Through all extensions of my work, I aim to capture the whispers of fairytales, the lighthearted beauty of imperfection and myriad emotions through layers of light. It’s my heart’s desire to connect to that deep place that resides within you and is simultaneously in every one of us—that inner knowing of the soul which you can’t put into words but feel is more true than anything else you know...

I love connecting with creative souls all over the world on a daily basis. When I’m away from the studio or my computer, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, William, and our two children in the Loire Valley of France where not a day goes by that I’m not inspired by the sheer beauty of my surroundings.


Feel free to reach out if you have any question at all by posting a comment at the bottom of this page.

You can also use the contact page to send me an email: my hubby William and I will be happy to help!

I hope to See you in class soon!

Laly Mille


Kindness & Joy

I feel so grateful and privileged to get to share my passion for art with so many wonderful students! Below are a few words they've shared about their experience in my classes. I hope I'll get to meet you soon too!

It was FUN, it was HEALING, and I learned that I could quickly access my heart through ART! So now at 60 years old I am determined to surround the rest of my life with making art and helping others find what I found.
— Oma

Whenever I work on something that you have directed Laly, I just feel so comfortable. Hard to describe but totally wonderful experience. I have never done anything like this before.
— Hazel

Thank you Laly for giving us such a wonderful experience. The entire process has been a joy to be a part of. I have learnt so much and loved every moment. I am sure it is you and your beautiful spirit that attracts such a lovely group. Thank you for your inspiration, your generosity and for sharing a little part of your magic.
— Chris

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