Lesson 1: Bundles of possibility


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This first step might well be the most important in the making of your own unique little book! To me this whole project began precisely because of this little stash of left-over bits and pieces from past projects. Just looking at them was a source of pleasure and joy and I just couldn't throw them away. I cherished them, played with them and kept shuffling them... until at some point they started to feel like pages. And all of a sudden I realized I had a little book in my hands. Or rather, the possibility of a book. The pages were there, in my hands. They just hadn't manifested as pages yet, and I knew it was my job to help them come into reality.

From bundle...

From bundle...

... to pages!

... to pages!


Possibility... Isn't that what art-making is all about? I invite you to take all the time you need to gather materials that you love, play with them, enjoy this time when anything is possible. Look for scraps from past projects that you love, cherished memories, little treasures from nature, and basically just anything that feels good and feels like it's calling you, even if you don't know why!

Then my advice, as you're about to start creating your book, is to surround yourself with all these beauties: lovingly display them all around you on your work table, so you can easily see them and reach them all in an instant.

Take the time to make your work space inviting!

Take the time to make your work space inviting!


There is no right or wrong way to go about this, there is no method here. It's just about opening up, playing and letting it unfold organically.

Then you can gently start to make some choices (which might only be temporary!): for instance in my first little book, the crochet squares I chose to use for the covers dictated the size of the book. In my second book, on the contrary, it was the pages that came together first, and I ended up looking for a book-cover that would fit my little bundle, and cutting a bigger crochet doily to the size I needed.

LBW Bundle 1 600 43WW.jpg
LBW doily 43w.jpg

Trust that your little book, somehow, already exists... And it needs your help to fully come to life!


All the materials you have gathered: paper scraps, various fiber materials like fabric, lace, cheesecloth... Check out the supplies list for more suggestions:

Book 1

A Little book...

Art-making, to me, has to feel good (and you'll hear me repeat this many times!). Possibility can sometimes feel overwhelming, so in this first, short video I start by explaining how I like to work intuitively within a "container", or a process. It makes me feel so much more safe and relaxed, and I find that it's a great way to invite the whispers and spark inspiration. This little book is going to become the container in which we can create intuitively with words and imagery in the next steps.

Here, even though you're invited to let it all come together as organically as possible, your goal is to make a first selection of the materials that are actually going to become your book. Making a mess is fun when you know you're getting somewhere, and this first, messy step will give you an idea, and a feel of your book: it's size and shape, and even a little bit of what the whispers have to tell you already...

Don't overthink, let the materials guide you and follow what feels good. Have fun!

Book 2

... A bigger book!

In this time-lapse video I'm putting together a bigger bundle to create a book that will have a more regular, round doily as a cover. You will also see a bit more in detail this "bundle-making" as I hesitate and change my mind many times, all the while moving forward and letting the materials guide me.

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