Lesson 3: Layered Folios


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Now that you have your little bundle of materials, it's time to start taking a look at them, finding echoes between the materials and making some more choices, to create the basis of your pages.

The pages are the "container" for the words and imagery you will later add (of course if some images and words are calling you already, it's completely OK to add them now!). When we put all the pages together, they will become like a "blank", but already very rich journal, a place for meaning to emerge. You can layer papers and fibers as much as you like, and add some smaller scraps and strips that will be like little "place-holders" where the whispers can easily land.

2017-02-17 17.01.02.jpg

Your pages don't have to be all the same size and there's no need to measure anything. On the contrary, your book will be more layered and beautiful if some pages are longer, higher, thicker... Also, remember that you can always change anything at any time if you feel called to: those are just little scraps of paper and fiber, don't get too precious about them and keep having fun! Once again, don't overthink and let the materials guide you.

Follow what feels right to YOU.

LBW folio table 169W.jpg


  • your little bundle of materials

  • matte gel medium (soft or watered down)

  • a flat brush

Creating the folios

Book 1

Here I'm spreading the materials I've chosen in front of me, to create my folios. A folio is a set of 4 pages (like any sheet of paper folded in two) and each folio needs to be about twice the length of the finished book. But remember this project is all about finding beauty in imperfections, so it's completely OK to have pages of different sizes or that don't match two-by-two in a folio. We're not choosing the order of the pages at this stage either. And if at any point you wish to add more pages, or remove some, you will be able to, so there's no pressure at all. Just keep going and trust your little book!


Book 2

Strengthening the pages

Now that our pages are ready, it's time to prepare them for the next step: binding! We want our books to be strong and long-lasting: they are not just meant to be beautiful little artworks, but indeed inspiring journals for us to work in (they're probably going to get wet, torn, scratched and more!), and cherished books to read over and over again.

We are going to strengthen the pages in the middle, where the crease will be, before we fold them in two to really turn them into "folios". And because we're going to use a variety of beautiful fiber materials for this, it's not just going to make the spine and the book stronger, it's going to make them a whole lot more beautiful too!

What you'll need

  • A variety of beautiful, thin fiber materials: lace, ribbon, tulle, cheesecloth...

  • matte gel medium

  • a flat brush


Book 1


Book 2

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