Lesson 4: Binding the Book


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Binding the book

A sense of connection


Binding a book holds such beautiful, symbolic meaning: whatever the technique, whether you choose to stitch or not, what this is really about is connection. Tying it all together. Creating a sense of wholeness. And turning the pages into an actual book.

The spine, like the covers, gives the book strength. It also gives it movement and flexibility, allowing you to flip the pages back and forth, to wander and explore...

Binding can seem like a more technical, and a less creative step in the creation of the book. But you can look at it in a whole other light: repetitive, technical actions require you to be fully present and engaged. Therefore, I invite you to approach this crucial step as an opportunity for mindfulness. Let time stop. Slow down. Focus fully, deliciously, in the present moment. Infuse your love and intentions into every little stitch, every little knot. Become even more aware that this is not just about the end result:

It's about the process, the journey and every little step matters.

Book 1

Stitch technique

What you'll need:

  • a needle

  • a needle tool (awl)

  • some strong thread, like quilting thread

  • scissors

1. Binding the pages


2. Binding the covers

Book 2

No-stitch technique

What you'll need:

  • various strips of thin fibers (fabrics, ribbons, lace...)

  • matte gel medium

  • flat brush


binding the whole book

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