Lesson 5: Inspired Collage


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Things are about to get really interesting! The more "technical" part of the process is done now, as we have created our "blank" book, and it's time to really start diving deep and inviting the whispers.

We are going to start with some more collage, and then I'll also show you how to create some "hiding places" in your book to add a bit of mystery...

Maybe some images or words have already found their way into your book, like they did for me on some of my pages, or maybe they haven't yet: it's all OK. There's no right or wrong way to do this and every book is a different journey.

This image made it's way into my second book at an early stage, while I was creating my folios.

This image made it's way into my second book at an early stage, while I was creating my folios.


At this stage, I feel it's really important to carve out some quiet time to invite inspiration to flow in. A walk in Nature is my favorite way to do this. You could also do a meditation or listen to some favorite music: as usual, do what feels good, find out what inspires and uplifts you instantly, what helps you tune out of the noises of the world, and tune in to your truth. That's where your whispers await...


Set the stage

Another favorite "trick", that I found especially useful when I created my first Little Book of Whispers, is to surround myself with all of my favorite materials, symbols and little treasures. I literally set myself up for inspiration! For this project, for instance, I placed a vintage, embroidered tea-towel on my table and it instantly changed the whole mood of my creative space. All of a sudden I was transported into the atmosphere of a sewing workshop, it felt like being a seamstress in a timeless story... All the ribbons, the buttons, the feathers, the papers, the fabrics, the words and images... they were calling to me, begging me to create something out of them! Having everything at the ready is truly one of the best ways to get inspired. Of course, it can be as messy or as carefully arranged as you like, depending on your unique personality: again, find what feels best to YOU.

2017-04-08 13.43.40-2.jpg

What you'll need:

  • all your little left-over scraps of paper and fiber, especially (but not exclusively) those from your little "bundle of possibility"

  • some images and other little elements like feathers, buttons, seeds...

  • some cut out words from book-pages: this is optional at this stage and we'll talk about it a lot more at the next step, but it's nice to at least have a few lying around that you can pick up if you feel inspired to

  • flat brush

  • matte gel medium

  • some white acrylic paint, or gesso, or acrylic ink to add highlights

Collage etc.

Here I really invite you to come along as I follow the trail of inspiration...

There are three main types of elements that I like to layer on top of each other:

  1. Neutral elements that change the feel of a page, lighten or darken it, and give it a more layered look: these can be scraps of paper and fiber, or simply some paint. I use these a lot to create little "place-holders" that give the page some structure and are ideal to frame and highlight the words or imagery that I'll add on top.

  2. Meaningful elements that are really the expression of whispered thoughts and emotions: these are mainly images and words. These create focal points on the page and echo each other to create a sort of narrative. Really follow what attracts you, what resonates with you. Pay attention to the way you feel, to the way the page feels, to all the magical little revelations that arise when images and words come to play...

  3. Decorative elements that are just for beauty and fun! They add interest and texture to a page. They can be, again, fiber and paper elements, little dimensional objects, doodles and handwriting (more about this at the next step!). They can be simple or intricate, as subtle or wild as you like! They really reflect the mood of your book, and they tell a lot about you too...

I usually intend to layer them in that order at first, but very soon inspiration takes over and I just mix and match!







Hiding places

I love to include lots of little "hiding places" in my books: the whispers can be shy little things and they enjoy a bit of secret and mystery! In the videos above you've probably caught a glimpse of a little flap page, which then turned into a sort of mini book within the book. In the videos below you'll see them a little more in detail, as well as the pocket page I've created as the opening of my book:







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