Lesson 6: Playing with Words


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Playing with words from book-pages (especially from favorite books!) is a wonderful way to invite guidance from within. I do it constantly! In my journal, in my paintings, as part of a finished work or as a starting point. I often find them to be a mirror of my current emotions. They are like tiny paper oracles that always surprise me with their messages (often right to the point!). They can be a bridge between your inner, wiser artist self, and you! And they are a wonderful way to invite the whispers.

NB: it's important to approach these processes with lightness and playfulness! (if I do this when I'm feeling grumpy, well... I get grumpy whispers in return!)


  • some books that you don't mind tearing pages from: I like to work with favorite books (and I keep another copy for reading), good options are also poetry books and children's literature.

  • a pencil

  • a small flat brush and some paint, or just a marker


2. Journaling

Your little book is a bit like an art journal: what you have created here, really, is a sacred and intimate place where you can allow your truth to be expressed. It's a safe place, with strong, protective covers and hiding places to guard the secrets of your soul. You don't have to let anybody else read your book if you don't want to, you can create it just for you. And you can write anything that you feel called to in its pages, as much or as little as you like, readable or not (more on that in the third video below). You can journal intuitively and let words flow, you can write a favorite poem or the lyrics of a song that plays in your head, you can write a single phrase like a mantra over and over again... Never be afraid of the blank page, it's not really blank at all anyway!

What you'll need

All sorts of pens and pencils that you like: try to gather a nice variety, from a simple pencil to a ballpoint pen, markers, artist pens... to give yourself lots of options. And if at any point you get stuck, a super handy trick is to simply switch pens!





Handwriting fun

Here I'm showing you several ways that you can layer and play with handwriting, to really use it as a graphic element and add a bit of mystery!

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