Little book of whispers - Mixed media art class

supplies and tools


Below is a list of supplies for the class. Please also visit the "Encaustic Set-Up" page HERE. I highly recommend that you use any materials that you already have!

Very few "art" materials are needed for this project: it's all about gathering discarded things and giving them new life!

What you'll need:

Little Book of whispers - Laly Mille

To build the pages:

  • a variety of scraps of papers in neutral tones (look for left-overs from past projects!). Some good choices are: book-pages, handwritten letters, pages from your journal, postcards, library cards, recipe cards, kraft envelopes, mulberry paper, sewing pattern tissue, wrapping paper, teabag paper...

  • a few vintage papers (either originals or laser prints): ledger paper, letters... There are also lots of lovely vintage-looking scrap-booking papers. Check out the class's Pinterest board for a selection of free high-res printables!

  • a variety of fibers: lace, ribbon, cheesecloth, pieces of old linen and clothes

Ask around, go to the thrift store or to a garage sale... You can also find lots of vintage supplies on ETSY!

  • matte gel medium

  • medium-sized flat paintbrush

  • parchment baking paper or other non-stick paper to put between the pages while they dry

Amazon links: click images to order

Soft matte gel medium

Assorted Paintbrushes

Parchment baking paper

Little Book of whispers - Laly Mille

To bind the book:

  • thin cotton fabric, ideally bookbinder's cloth, tulle, cheesecloth or other thin fabric from old curtains, thin t-shirt, ribbon...

  • for the stitch method: a needle tool (awl), a needle and some strong thread (quilting thread is good)

  • for the non-stitch option: nothing!

Amazon links: click images to order

Bookbinder's cloth


Needle tool

Quilting thread


Little Book of whispers - Laly Mille

To create the covers:

  • for the plaster and wax option: plaster gauze, a piece of cotton fabric, encaustic medium, white encaustic paint or a white oil stick, natural bristle flat brushes (hake are my favorite).

NB: To set up your space (and even make your own encaustic medium), check out the encaustic page HERE.

  • for the no-plaster, no-wax option: a book-cover, preferably a vintage one, or you can also use a cover from a regular book and decorate/distress it. You could even print a vintage cover (again, check-out the Pinterest board) and collage it on some thick card-stock.

  • a crochet doily (not necessarily vintage): ask around or find lots on Etsy!

Amazon links: click images to order

Plaster gauze

Encaustic medium

White encaustic paint
White oil stick
Natural bristle brushes

LBW Feather 43W.jpg

To catch the whispers, add words and imagery:

  • some vintage images or other favorite images: botanical prints, natural history prints, postcards, photos... check out the class's Pinterest board for a selection of free high-res printables!

  • a few book-pages or copies of book-pages that we will use for cut-out words: favorite books, poetry, fairytales, children's literature, old dictionary...

  • a variety of fine-tip pens and pencils to journal with (white, black and brown are nice options): I'm using a regular HB pencil, a black ballpoint pen, sepia Pitt Artist pens, white and black Poscas...

For finishing touches:

Amazon links: click images to order

White acrylic paint

Sepia Pitt pens

Brush-tip Pitt artist pens

Black and White Posca Set

Printables Pinterest board!

Here is a selection of free high-res printables to use in your book if you wish! I'll keep adding more in the coming weeks:

Have fun gathering your materials!

LBW words 43W.jpg