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Invite inspiration

Each lesson of this class includes a main painting project as well as warm-up activities, gentle soul work and inspiration prompts: you will be invited to look at your world with new eyes and gather inspiration to use again and again in your art! Photography, journaling, Pinterest hunting... So many ways to get inspired and in the flow!




Pinterest has become one of my favorite ways to gather and collect inspiration, and also to organize it. Just like organizing my studio, I find that creating ways to easily access inspiration is super helpful. Every time I have an idea for a new project, I create a Pinterest board for it and fill it with inspiring images, articles, videos...

Soon enough, the "mood" for my project becomes more tangible and inspires me to start creating! All along this course, I will encourage you to create Pinterest boards that reflect your own personal inspiration around different themes. And to get you started, I have created some Pinterest boards with curated inspiration just for you! Start exploring here:

NB: Of course, only use Pinterest if it inspires you! If you prefer you could also create collage moodboards with paper and glue, or even do both!




For me, the "art" work and the "inner" work naturally go hand in hand. Both are soul work. So throughout this course I will offer some prompts for you to explore your inner world, in search of your inner light... I invite you to grab a journal or notebook, and use it as a starting point for the journey!

If you already have a journal, or an art journal, you can absolutely use it. Or if you want to dedicate a journal to this course, you can do that too. We will use journaling to gather thoughts and inspiration, feelings and discoveries that will blend with the art we make.




Photography is a great way to explore the world around you, train your eyes to find everyday magic, and capture inspiration to use in your art, feed your soul and kindle your creative spark!

Instagram is a great way to share your findings with the world! Use the hashtag #layersoflightart