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Words of a Light Bearer




I am utterly delighted to welcome a very magical and adventurous lady! Meet Meghan Genge, author of Unfurl, the most inspiring (and fun!) book I've read in a very long time... Seriously there are so many magical layers of meaning in this story that I keep going back to it again and again (that part about roots and wings?... I'm not telling! You'll have to read it for yourself...)

Laly: In art as in life, I believe that contrast is a key ingredient. You recently wrote an article about how important it is to embrace both our inner light and the darker, not-so-shiny parts of ourselves. Can you tell us more about this?

Meghan: I'd love to! For the past little while I have felt really overwhelmed with the current 'look-for-the-light' mentality that seems to have taken over social media. There is much emphasis being placed on the light, the bright, the high-vibration as if they are the only place where there is value. As you as an artist know, too much light can be overwhelming. Too much light gives us sunburn and dazzled eyes and can burn us out. Not only that but by placing so much value on the light, we are taking away from all of the lessons that are there for us in the darkness. And if you look at nature, the darkness is half of the story.


In nature there is light and there is dark. There is masculine and there is feminine. There is expansion and there is contraction. A tree, no matter whether it grows in the middle of a field or in the depth of the forest has just as much of its energy growing into the darkness as it has reaching for the light. Without one, the other would not survive. For me it feels critical that we begin to place value on the darkness again because until we do, we will see any of our trips into our own darkness as cause for guilt or shame or self-loathing, instead of important steps in our growth.

Despite what the experts say, I don't believe that life is about finding balance. Nature is never really in balance. It's actually always involved in the movement between states. I believe that life is about learning how to dance with reality - all of it - and by doing that, I believe that we will know true light when we see it.

If you look at nature, the darkness is half of the story.

Laly: To me, art is magic: it connects us to the most mysterious parts of ourselves, our light, our truth, our soul. It allows us to see the world in a different light, with new eyes. It transforms us. I know that magic is a key element in your life: how does it affect your creative journey, your everyday life?

Meghan: Magic is the key element in my life! It's everything. To me, Magic is what I call the moments when I connect to the Divine; to the Universe, to God, to Flow, to the Angels, to whatever your word for the big and magical Mystery might be. I've said before that Magic is the tingle. It's wonder. It's enchantment. Magic is delight, it's help, wink, it's the unexplainable, the miracle, and the holy. Magic, for me, is in the simple belief that there is more, and that I am a part of it.


I now realize that my creative journey and my life are not different things. By making the decision that I am a part of a loving, playful, and most of all mysterious universe, I put myself right in the middle of a great adventure. My practice, then, is to live/ create/ interact/ dream from that place as much as possible, with the eventual goal being moving from there all of the time. It's been hard, because I always want to be in control of the universe! But letting go of any belief in control and choosing to play instead has been life changing.


Laly: Do you have a favorite kind of light? Maybe a favorite season or favorite hour of the day when light resonates with you the most? What does it tell you about yourself? In what ways does it echo your own inner light?

Meghan: I have two answers to your question! My favourite time of day is the not-quite-light times; the between times. I love the few moments just after twilight, before it is truly dark, and the few moments just before sunrise when it's not totally dark anymore. I delight in the energy of those moments. Living in the jungle, you soon discover that there are no quiet moments - but the closest it ever gets is in those between times.

My favourite time of day is the not-quite-light times; the between times.
At sunset

At sunset

Storm rising

Storm rising


And my favourite light by far is firelight. When I visualize a 'happy place' it is nearly always a campfire. In a space where I can't have a fire, I light candles whenever I can. Fire and candlelight soften the energy of the humans who surround them. Where there is fire or candlelight, people gather. Stories are told. Breath is held. People stare into the flames and get lost in thought. The space feels sacred and holy.

Where there is fire or candlelight, people gather. Stories are told. Breath is held.

So I see from writing this that the firelight and candlelight and the between times that I mentioned all share the same quality: that feeling of magic and possibility and wonder. I like to think that my own inner light helps me and the people I interact with to find those moments of magic in our own lives. To live in those spaces helps us to soften the harsh brightness of a disconnected life and draws us towards connection; towards the Mystery.


Meghan Genge is a writer, a storyteller, and a finder of magic. She is also the author of the inspirational novel, Unfurl.

In 2015, Meghan and her husband sold or gave away nearly everything and moved from the UK to the southern coast of Costa Rica. They are now creating a sacred art and creativity space in the jungle.


Images and words © Meghan Genge - Portrait of Meghan by Susannah Conway


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