Free art workshop

Into the Light

Supplies list

I have included links below this list so you can order directly from if you wish.

  • Substrate of your choice : wood panel, canvas, paper… Any shape or size that inspires you: you can work in your art journal, or actually on a piece of card-stock the size of a tarot card, or even on a big canvas!
  • Water resistant fine tip pens for journaling: I like white and black Posca pens, black pigment liners (Staedler), black or brown Pitt artist pens, regular pencils or simple ball-point pens
  • Optional:  White Posca marker (or simply some regular white paint and a fine brush)
  • Your choice of collage papers (including some neutral tones) text paper, book pages, botanical prints, scrapbook papers, brown bag, sewing pattern tissue…
  • Tissue paper
  • Acrylic gel medium (thin it down with water a little so it's easier to spread)
  • Titanium White acrylic paint
  • Acrylic paint in a neutral tone such as Titan Buff, Naples Yellow Light or you can simply mix your own, for instance with Titanium White and a bit of Raw Umber
  • Dark acrylic paint: Payne’s Grey, dark blue or other color of your choice
  • Blue acrylic paint or ink
  • Green acrylic paint of your choice: Sap Green, Jenkins Green or mix your own
  • Brown acrylic paint or ink (Raw Umber and Burnt Umber are nice choices), or you can use strong tea or coffee
  • Something golden or metallic to make your little star shine: gold acrylic paint or oil pastel or Panpastel or gold leaf etc…
  • Assorted brushes including: 1 large flat paint brush for collage + 1 smaller brush for paint
  • Palette knife / brayer / plastic card
  • Rag
  • Water

Gallery-wrapped stretched canvases

Primed Cradled Artist Panels

Soft acrylic Gel Medium by Golden

White Posca

Black Pigment Liner

Sepia Pitt Artist pen

Titanium White acrylic paint

Titan buff acrylic paint

Primary Blue acrylic paint

Sap Green acrylic paint

Paynes Gray acrylic paint

Golden Fluid Raw Umber

Raw Umber acrylic ink

Blue acrylic ink

PanPastel in Light Gold

Assorted Paintbrushes

Plastic Palette Knives