Layers of Light art class

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What if you were a Light-Seeker?
What if your unique creative spark was just a few brushstrokes away?

I believe that Art is the most powerful and freeing way to express your inner light. In this online workshop, I will share with you my creative process, favorite techniques and inspiration to nurture your creative spark!

The course is composed of 3 chapters / 6 lessons. Each lesson includes an in-depth painting project as well as warm-up activities and gentle soul work, journaling, photography, Pinterest prompts… You will be invited to look at your world with new eyes and gather inspiration to use again and again in your art!

The whole point of this class is for you to slow down, take the time to connect with your inner Light, invite inspiration and create with mindfulness. All contents are available from the start, with lifetime access, so you can truly take it at your own perfect pace.

My hope for you is that you create art that you love and strengthen your own artistic expression, all the while making a happy mess!
— Laly

she knew W.jpg
There is a morning inside you waiting to burst into Light.
— Rumi


from the students:

Your class has been quite transformative in how I think about and approach my art, helping me be braver and more experimental, and worry a little less about the ‘end result’. I’ve seen quite a few online tutorials now and I think your style of teaching and the beautifully shot, well lit, clear, inspirational and informative videos are the best, BY MILES!
I adore the support and encouragement we get from each other in the Facebook group, but best of all is your wonderful attention to our needs, your speed of response, and the feeling you give each of us that we matter and that you’re giving us your personal attention. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m so very grateful I found you and your wonderful class.
— Sheilagh Dyson

My thing is usually little books so I have been surprised by how much I learned about layering and the use of different media in your classes. I’ve also learned not to force the composition but to let it speak to me from within. Now I’m taking all of that back to my little books!
— Lesley Jolly

Laly is encouraging us to pause ... look deeply ... listen to and feel what resonates (it will differ for each of us and THAT is the beauty). Taking that time is soooo important in finding what drives you and what will make your art your own.
— Denise M.
I was completely mesmerized when I came across layers of light! It has inspired me, taught me new techniques and helped me evolve as an artist. I was able to ‘connect the dots’ if that makes any sense! Watching the classes feels like a mystical experience I can’t get enough of! You truly have a gift for teaching and I will be eternally grateful!
— Angela Thompson

Not only did I learn some really beautiful techniques in your classes like layering and your lovely color palette but also the sweet, patient, quiet way to approach art. Your calm, sequential, organized lessons and beautiful videos were a joy to watch.
— Janet Reid

I am so enthralled and excited that I am almost forgetting to breathe. Whenever I work on something that you have directed Laly, I just feel so comfortable. Hard to describe but totally wonderful experience. I have never done anything like this before.
— Hazel Agnew

The serenity of this course is singing me home to myself.
— Julie Clay

I learned from watching you Laly, to slow down and relax, to truly hear the “calls”. I learned so much from you, gathering my papers and fibers to have a good start. A start that can be changed in a heart beat, running around, finding other remnants that might work also. It’s downright exciting at times. I found a lot of patience, in your teachings for myself personally. Your “ways” are so is like you were right there with me. Your style and “senses” profoundly lead us to “seeing and feeling” deeply, and wondrously. Your classes, your words, your educating skills remain and linger wherever I roam in my work now. I am grateful and thank you immensely.
— Wanda Miller