Layers of Light art class

What if you were a Light-Seeker?
What if your unique creative spark was just a few brushstrokes away?


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There is a morning inside you waiting to burst into Light.
— Rumi

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your fabulous videos, I love your style of teaching and your enthusiasm is infectious!!!!
— Linda B.

I believe that Art is the most powerful and freeing way to express your inner light. In this online workshop, I will share with you my creative process, favorite techniques and inspiration to nurture your creative spark!

The course is composed of 3 chapters / 6 lessons. Each lesson includes a main painting project as well as warm-up activities and gentle soul work, journaling, photography, Pinterest prompts… You will be invited to look at your world with new eyes and gather inspiration to use again and again in your art!

The whole point of this class is for you to slow down, take the time to connect with your inner Light, invite inspiration and create with mindfulness.

All the contents are available from the start and we are now offering the course with "lifetime access" so you can truly take it at your own unique and perfect pace!

Laly is encouraging us to pause ... look deeply ... listen to and feel what resonates (it will differ for each of us and THAT is the beauty). Taking that time is soooo important in finding what drives you and what will make your art your own.
— Denise M.

course overview

CHAPTer 1: The Dance of Light & Shadow

This chapter is all about paying attention to light in our lives, and infusing it into art in a way that feels authentic and natural. It's about connecting with our creative spark, but also making friends with the shadows and embracing contrast. We will:

  • Create a "Soulboard" and start following our inner light
  • Loosen up with intuitive collage
  • Explore a variety of materials that you can use to create a unique palette of whites, neutral tones and darks.
  • Create a light-filled, soothing yet slightly moody mixed media painting with collage, paint, ink and a black & white photo or vintage postcard.

It feels so good to have a logical process and yet have it be intuitively guided. Thank you!
— Robin L.

CHAPTER 2: Layers of Life

In this chapter we get inspired by the layers that make up our daily lives. We will create art that has a tactile quality, building up soft, gritty and translucent layers of plaster, wax, fiber, paper... We will:

  • Search for the textures that give our life its unique feel, and translate them into words and art.
  • Create a mini collage series with encaustic wax on plaster gauze and weave found words throughout the pieces.
  • Explore our inner landscapea and reflect on our creative journey through a visual meditation.
  • Create a dreamy landscape painting with gorgeous layers of paper, wax and vintage lace!


The serenity of this course is singing me home to myself.
— Julie C.

CHAPTER 3: Shine your truth

In this final chapter, we bring it all together to create deep, meaningful art that is an authentic expression of who we are. We explore the layers of meaning of personal symbols & stories and incorporate them into poetic pieces. We will:

  • Follow the signs that our inner light has left for us
  • Choose a personal theme/symbol to incorporate in a series of small abstract paintings, working with a grid composition.
  • Build up misty layers with my favorite faux-encaustic technique!
  • Play with found stories & poetic affirmations
  • Indulge in every color of the rainbow!
  • Create a dreamy, figurative painting to honor our inner artist and support us as we shine our light into the world.

I was surprised when starting to journal that my words just flowed—and how good that felt!
— Kathy M.

Techniques and supplies

Some topics we will explore:

  • Magical white-on-white effects and translucent layers
  • Natural / neutral tones, contrast, texture
  • Intuitive composition, line, shape, movement, depth
  • Combining words with art

yummy materials we will use:

  • Paints, gesso, inks, paper, and any supplies you already have!
  • Gritty and luminous plaster, delicate lace and fiber, beautiful encaustic wax, translucent acrylic medium…

I feel most alive and expressed when painting. I’m totally drawn to Laly’s language in art and look forward to finding new ways to articulate my soul.
— Rana W.

A word on wax...

Working with encaustic for the first time can feel a little bit intimidating, but it's also completely addictive! I will show you how to set up your space in a safe and simple way. You're going to fall in love!

And if you don't feel ready just yet, don't let that stop you: I will teach you my easy, no-heat, no-melt faux-encaustic technique. You will achieve slightly different but beautiful and oh-so-rewarding results, and all the knowledge you will have gained will be super useful when starting real encaustic too!

You have life-time access to the course so you can dive into encaustic whenever you're ready.

I am so thrilled that I decided to take this class Laly. One can’t get enough of different methods teachers use. You are so clear, concise, and move right along a such a perfect speed! Feeling so grateful and you have answered a ton of questions that I have had after taking other wax classes.
— Wanda M.

And more...

Light-bearer interviews

I am beyond thrilled and honored to include the amazingly beautiful words of some of my favorite artists, friends, light-bearers, brave and talented women who inspire me daily. I know they will inspire you!


curated inspiration on Pinterest!

(all images remain the property of their respective authors)

Support and community

All along the journey, I will be here to shine a light for you, answer your questions and cheer you on. Seats are limited so that I can truly be available to support you on your journey. You can post your questions in the comments section of each lesson or even better, on Facebook!

You will be invited to gather with like-minded creatives from all over the world in our "Circle of Light" private Facebook group, a safe place to share, encourage and learn from each other!

I am so excited to be part of this group and learn new art techniques from Laly. Everyone’s stories are interesting and show how much as artists we have in common.
— Beverley C.

Give the gift of Light and Creativity!

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We've got you covered! After check-out you'll be able to enter your friend's contact information and download a beautiful gift certificate for you to print out and fill their stockings with!

My hope for you is that you create art that you love and strengthen your own artistic expression, all the while making a happy mess!
— Laly

About me:

  • I am a self-taught, "late blooming" creative soul on a journey of discovery.
  • I'm French and live in the beautiful Loire Valley of France.
  • I am a published artist and certified creativity coach with a desire to inspire and encourage you to shine your beautiful Light in this world.
  • I am a dreamer, seeker of light and not-so-ordinary magic.
  • I delight in the Beauty of imperfection.
  • I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. I cultivate love and compassion every single day.
  • I embrace mindfulness, playfulness, and the beginner's spirit.
  • I believe in magic, serendipity and possibility.
  • I believe in YOU.

I can’t wait to see the Beauty you create!

with Light & Love,

from the students:

Thank you Laly for giving us such a wonderful experience. The entire process has been a joy to be a part of. I have learnt so much and loved every moment. I am sure it is you and your beautiful spirit that attracts such a lovely group. Thank you for your inspiration, your generosity and for sharing a little part of your magic.
— Chris B.
I am so enthralled and excited that I am almost forgetting to breathe. Whenever I work on something that you have directed Laly, I just feel so comfortable. Hard to describe but totally wonderful experience. I have never done anything like this before.
— Hazel A.
This is such a fantastic class! You have done a beautiful job, Laly, with content, video quality, and soulfulness. I am enjoying it thoroughly! I love seeing everyone’s beautiful work! So inspiring. You’ve attracted a lovely group of artists.
— Loren P.
I created this today and had so much fun. Thank you Laly for the gorgeous tutorials. I love to work with wax.
— Stephanie S.
Your videos and Pinterest hunting have opened up a whole new world!
— Freya P.
I’m finding this a very interesting practice... thinking about my sources of light, and the ways that I seek it and play with it already, as metaphors for life and for living, is proving fruitful.
— Lynne D.
I took your advice and just kept working the layers, giving the piece “a chance” to become. I can’t wait to reveal the rest of the piece. Thanks for your encouragement.
— Shay V.

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