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I love abstract paintings that have a soul, that tell stories and resonate deep within, abstract art from the heart. Soulful Abstracts is a brand new, in-depth online journey all about abstract mixed media painting! We’re going to play with the “rules”, embrace delight and create unique art that radiates with Soul…

As I have followed each of all your courses online I can tell I feel so confident and happy, for I know this is not only an art class but a real journey in an arty land that will again take me to the best of myself in a joyful and peaceful way.
— Field R.

Lifetime access: 249 EUR - 297 USD


The class includes:

  • Plenty of warm-up activities and tutorials to explore color, mark-making, texture and composition in our sketchbooks.

  • Creative tips & activities to make your own inspiration board, discover your personal color palette, make your creative space nurturing and inspiring, and much more!

  • Full painting projects where I share every little detail of my artistic process. You will end up with a whole body of work as we paint:

    • 4 series of small artworks

    • 3 larger paintings on canvas / panel

  • Curated inspiration for each lesson, with hundreds of images organized by theme on Pinterest

  • Mixed Media Art Supplies 101, a 5-part video series where I share everything about my favorite supplies and plenty of tips on how to use them creatively!

  • A beautiful classroom to enjoy the lessons, ask me questions, post your photos & connect with fellow participants, all in one place.

  • An optional Facebook group to keep the conversation going!

self-paced with lifetime access

Check out the full course overview below

Laly Mille
This course is so much fun and I am learning so many fun techniques!
— Mystery B.

There are so many ways to invite inspiration! In this first part of the class, we set up our space in a way that will nurture our muse, . we take a look within to start uncovering our stories, and we warm up our creative muscles by experimenting with art supplies!

Create your inspiration board

Create your inspiration board

Build up your style in a workbook

Build up your style in a workbook

Make friends with your art supplies

Make friends with your art supplies


This second part of the class is all about discovering your own unique abstract language. We will explore color, mark-making, texture and composition with plenty of experimental warm-ups in our workbook, as well as a whole series of mini artworks for each of theme! I believe that working in a series is one of the best ways to learn and improve your skills, plus you will end up with a whole body of work to be proud of!



Color play

Discover your own personal palette, the one that truly resonates with your soul! I will share plenty of tips on color combinations, inspiration and color mixing, then we will work with a “borrowed” palette to gently expand our comfort zone! Embrace the colors that make your heart sing so you can use them in all the painting projects of the class.

I am so excited to dive into another one of Laly’s classes. I’ve learned so much most of all listening to my own inner guidance and intuition, excited to try some new techniques and build a body of my work, express myself and connect to my soul.
— Kim D.

Meaningful marks

Get playful with lots of different mark-making techniques: from materials found in nature to our own handwriting, we will find our way between intuition and more intentional, meaningful marks, as we explore universal symbols and personal imagery to incorporate into our art.

I can not stop now. I have to try out all sorts of color combinations that will do me good and please my soul.
— Pe T.

A touch of soul

Touch is all about connection, and when we work with texture to create a dimensional surface, we can connect with our viewers at a much deeper level. Plus texture is just so much fun to play with! We will experiment in our workbooks with plenty of dimensional effects like stencils, collage and fiber, then we will create a delicious little series where color takes a step back so that texture can reveal all its subtle beauty!

Going through classes from beginning again ❤️ So glad for this soulful time to just be with my art/like minded folk and be inspired to learn new things. Taking it slow and being mindful. 
— Kathryn D.

Compose your story

Composition doesn’t have to be complicated! As long as you follow your soul, there are no “rules”: only tips and tools that are here to serve you and help you tell your story. We will take a look at different types of composition and see which ones we are naturally drawn to. Then we will create a “serendipity series” by building up layers on a large sheet of paper and looking for accidental abstracts within the surface! We will then cut them out and keep painting more intentionally to let the stories unfold...

Just reflecting on my soulful abstract happy I took this class. Not only am I now really connected to my OWN art symbols... this class has also helped me organize all “my art stuff”...from the inside out! I have more of a handle on all my collections with great insight on how to incorporate and finally use them in my art.
— Nadia U.

Are you ready for the next step?

1, 2, 3 Full painting projects!

In this last part of the class, I am taking you on three unique Soul Journeys… We will take everything we have discovered and create three poetic paintings that tell our stories, carry our intentions and radiate with soul. We will find meaning in the process itself and infuse this beautiful energy into the art we create!


Landscapes of Intention

We will start by choosing a personal intention and let it guide us as we create an imaginary, abstract landscape with layer upon layer of collage, paint and ink. We will bring it all together with a waxy, translucent veil of acrylic: this “acrylic wax” technique (also called faux encaustic) gives such magical, ethereal results! So many of you have asked me to teach this particular project (my most-viewed video on Youtube!) and it’s time to share all its little secrets…

There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives.
— Josephine Hart

Layers of Time

In this project we will start by looking for interesting aged surfaces in our surroundings, then we will play with a whole variety of fun techniques to create the shabby, weathered look of an ancient wall: we will play with vintage prints, peeled paper, crackle paste and gesso among other delicious things, then add a touch of gold for a fairy-tale-like feel…

There is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.
— Leonard Cohen

An abstract Story

In this final project, we will look at different ways to invite our stories to unfold and play with title ideas even before we paint! We will then create two paintings that incorporate a personal photograph, found objects and tiny cut-out words: layers of meaning that invite the viewer to come a little closer… As a finishing touch, we will create simple and beautifully weathered wooden frames to float-mount the paintings and give them even more dimension.

Hope is the thing with feathers,
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all.
— Emily Dickinson

Free Workshop!

Mixed media art supplies 101


As part of the class, I’ve created a 5-part video series all about mixed media art supplies, and it’s already available, free! If you are new to mixed media, I hope this will help you get started and give you a taste of the possibilities. And if you are already mixed-media-savvy, I hope this will make you want to take a fresh look at your supplies and approach them with renewed playfulness!

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