About me

  • I am a self-taught, "late blooming" creative soul on a journey of discovery.
  • I'm French and live in the beautiful Loire Valley of France.
  • I am a published artist and certified creativity coach with a desire to inspire and encourage you to shine your beautiful Light in this world.
  • I am a dreamer, seeker of light and not-so-ordinary magic.
  • I delight in the Beauty of imperfection.
  • I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. I cultivate love and compassion every single day.
  • I embrace mindfulness, playfulness, and the beginner's spirit.
  • I believe in magic, serendipity and possibility.
  • I believe in YOU.
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Once upon a time

I started painting in the spring of 2010 after I discovered mixed media art and instantly fell in love with it: creating my first painting felt like being born again, like coming home to myself.

I had always believed in magic, and suddenly I had the tools to make it real! To turn my dreams, my feelings and stories into something tangible. An authentic expression of who I am, and at the same time a mystery with a life of its own. A deep connection to my inner light that’s always available to me, as long as I have some paints, some bits of paper, some glue, and a little bit of time...

I am a self-taught artist and consider this a blessing: I have learned everything I know intuitively, or through experience, trial and error, and thanks to the generosity of some amazing artists who have shared their magic and wisdom. I have grown into the artist I am today by following my inner guide, my inner light, in a way that feels natural and true, always with a desire to inspire others. My process has now become a solid foundation that I can rely on and that I love to share, through teaching and blogging.

Today, I walk this path with a sense of wonder, sometimes running with wild abandon, sometimes tiptoeing to catch a glimpse of the fairies. I journey with my bare feet firmly on Mother Earth, and my face towards the starry sky. I grow, I learn. I allow myself to become. I have discovered how deeply magical and meaningful the path of the artist is. How vitally important art is in this world and in this time. How much transformative power it holds, if we let it touch our souls.

Creating art brings me the sense of joy and peace that you experience when you know exactly who you are, standing at exactly the right place in this big wide world, unique and whole. It is a gift I receive with love and gratitude every time I get to be in the studio.

Art is my magic, and art-making is a deeply spiritual practice for me. It’s my connection to Soul, Source, the Universe, however you feel most comfortable calling this bright, warm and mysterious light. I walk my own spiritual path pretty much in the same way I make art: lovingly, joyfully, intuitively and authentically.

I am so grateful your own path has led you here.

Light & Love,



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