Other: mixed media assemblage

Other © 2012 Laly Mille 26 x 20 x 20 cm - 10,2" x 8" x 8" Mixed media assemblage, wire, plaster, paper

Sometimes we can feel different, inadequate, labeled as "other" and trapped in a cage that is too small for our wings. But we'll manage to escape and take flight towards our dreams!

This piece is part of the "winged keys" series. This key belonged to my grandparents and has a lovely aged and rusty look.

Working with plaster and wire is so much fun! I recommend these two books (one is in french and the other in english):

- Fil de fer, un brin de poésie

 by Claire Rougerie

- Plaster studio

by Stephanie Lee & Judy Wise (including how to make a similar plaster cage!)