Lucky little winks

Lucky little winks


© 2012 Laly Mille

I have been finding, collecting and sharing 4 leaves clovers ever since I was a little girl: my mum recently found a drawing that I gave her when I was maybe 10, adorned with one of those lovely green little things! I also remember that some girls in my class so badly wanted to have some themselves that I spent a lot of time searching the grass along the schoolyard! But generally with very little success... Because the thing is, you don't look for four leaves clovers. You just find them. Or maybe they find you?

Most times when I find one I'm busy doing something else, like hurrying to catch my bus, hanging out the clothes, playing with the kids or opening the garden gate to the man delivering our piano. Every time it's like they're telling me to stop for a second and look at the magic of the moment. To look at the world with a little girl's eyes... They are like lucky little winks from the universe telling me "I'm with you, in every little moment, in every little thing, so don't worry, make a wish and enjoy!" And at key moments in my life, they tell me to pay attention, to trust my deepest feelings, and that I am in tune with who I truly am.

For years I have been collecting them in a little box, not really knowing what to do with them, apart from giving them to friends going through a rough time, or exams, job interviews... (OK, that may be silly but on big occasions I actually make lucky tea!) But when I started walking my creative path 2 years ago, I immediately knew that they should be a part of my art. So every time I finish a piece, I incorporate a four leaves clover in it. Sometimes it's hidden in the picture, or sometimes I glue it at the back or on one side. I like to think of it as a blessing before letting go and moving on to a new project. And I wish for the blessing and good luck to expand to the viewers and to the person who will eventually take the painting home...