Bon voyage...

Bon voyage...


Hey there!

I wanted to share with you all how thrilled I am to have made my very first Etsy sales last week! Opening a shop really is an adventure, and it is such a fantastic feeling to know that someone loves your work so much that they actually want to buy it!

My little greeting cards are now happily flying to the South of France and to Florida, the state of Washington and California, like so many colorful butterflies... And I feel like a little part of my heart is travelling with them... To know that they will be displayed in someone else's home, or conveying messages of love to someone, is just the most wonderful feeling!

Etsy Cards by Laly Mille
Etsy crads by Laly Mille

I want to thank you all so much for stopping by my blog, my shop, my facebook page, and for brightening my days with your sweet comments!

Some may say that art is not "useful", that it has no purpose. But to me, if art can touch someone's heart and soul, or simply make a smile bloom on someone's face, I say it has a purpose, and it has fulfilled it...

Etsy cards by Laly Mille

My two "Jane Austen" girls. The first one was the first painting I ever sold and it's fun to see them side by side!