My first blog award!

My first blog award!


Wow! Two amazing artists and bloggers have just nominated me for the "Tell me about yourself" blog award! These lovely ladies are Janine Whitling, an Australian contemporary artist whose delicate colors and paper art really speak to me, and Suzanne Drolet of Honeydrop Studio in Canada. Suzanne paints women portraits and the coolest whimsical birds! So thank you so much girls!

The purpose of this sweet award is simply about spreading the love! It's about sharing the love for fellow bloggers and letting them know you appreciate them, and also sharing a little more about yourself. And here are the three rules when you accept the award:

The Rules: 1. Thank the person who gave you the award. (thank you again Suzanne and Janine!) 2. Reveal seven things about yourself. (see below) 3. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers. Leave a comment on each blog, telling them that you’ve nominated them for this award. (also see below)

So, 7 things about me (I'll write them as they come so I might even learn something about myself too!)

1. I believe in fairies and am trying to contribute in my small way to bringing some fairytale magic into this world! 2. I live in France in the Loire Valley with my very own prince charming, an almost 6 year old knight and a 3 year old princess. 3. I've been finding and collecting 4 leaves clovers since childhood and incorporate one in every piece of artwork I make. 4. Although I love it, I've had to give up chocolate entirely because it gives me migraines. 5. I like to cook but hate following a recipe, so the outcome can be surprisingly good (... or not). 6. I love nature, gardening and forest walks. 7. I only discovered my true artistic voice 2 years ago and sometimes feel like I am trying to make up for all these years of silence...

My nominees! And now for spreading the love! The following are people/artists I find really inspiring and I hope you'll enjoy visiting their blogs!

1. Ackane is a wonderful french artist who paints gorgeous abstract acrylics. Discover them on her blog, "Ciel de Garance" + guess what? she's my mom! (and she's got a Google translate button) 2. Shelly Penko's colors are just amazing! 3. Whimsy inspired by Kristen Conley, a very talented artist and friend from sunny California. 4. Bridgette Guerzon Mills is one of my favorite artists. She uses encaustic and photography in her own hauntingly beautiful way. 5. Sabyne is a french super-creative girl and mom who blogs about her cooking experiments a "Met ta serviette et lave-toi les mains, on mange!" and her words are as fun and yummy as her recipes! 6. Stories of conflict and love is one of my absolute favorite reads. 7. Fibuline is french too and creates poetic jewelry among other wonders.