Nothing's lost ...

Nothing's lost ...


Today I just want to share a quick tip that I sometimes use to:- save some paint - fight the "blank canvas" anxiety... - get some awesome texture!

When I am working on a painting, there is often some paint left on my palette that I end up not using. Do I rinse it under the tap?... Nooooo!

The first thing I do is take some paper towels (thin rags work great too) and wipe most of the paint off the palette. Any paint left on my brush? I wipe it on the paper towel too. Then I keep my used paper towels handy. Next layer of paint: same story, but I use the SAME paper towels (they are often almost dry by then).

background by Laly Mille
Background by Laly Mille

At the end of my painting session, I take a blank canvas, tear the tissues to pieces and adhere them to the canvas with gel medium! Then, if I still have some paint on my palette from the last layer, I spray it with water and run a brayer, an old plastic card or a brush through it and randomly apply the paint onto the canvas. Done! And this time, as I had not put away my alcohol inks yet, I just felt like sprinkling some on top of it all.

background by Laly Mille

So, what have we got here?... A colorful, layered and beautifully textured beginning of a background! Maybe I'll use it for my next painting, or maybe I'll keep adding to it in my next session (and the one after that, etc..!).

background by Laly Mille

And if I don't have a blank canvas in store or if I'm in a hurry, I let the towels dry flat and store them in a box for a later collage... I also like to think that, this way, the artworks are somehow "related", sharing some creative DNA!

Have a lovely creative week-end!

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