Blog circle: 10 things I love

Blog circle: 10 things I love

The 3rd Thursday of the month is here and it's blog circle time again! This month's theme, unsurprisingly, is love...

Well, my prince charming and I actually never celebrate Valentine's day. Or you might say we do our best to celebrate it every day, a bit like Alice's "unbirthdays". We do love our anniversary celebrations, but most of the time, love is about every day little things, isn't it? Anyway, I'm not sure I'd be too good at talking about love, I'd rather paint it:

So for this month's blog circle, I have decided to share 10 "favorite things" that I love and that make life that much more beautiful:

I love:

1. ... taking a walk in the woods on a slightly windy day and listening to the trees

2. ... getting completely hooked by a new fantasy book series and waiting for the next episode to arrive from the library or amazon (the sense of anticipation feels like Christmas!)

3. ... the smell of a french bakery. You might not have noticed, but they do not all smell the same. And once in a while, I find myself passing one that smells exactly like the one my grandma used to take me to when I was 5 years old, in the little seaside village where my grandparents have a house. The village is now more of a holiday resort and the bakery has long disappeared, but that smell is still here with me.

4. ... Mary Poppins! We've got it last week and the kids are watching it right now as I write. Still as delightful as ever!

5. ... the Museum of fiber arts in Angers. There is something so peaceful about that place and the art is always wonderfully mind-blowing.

6. ... thunderstorms on hot summer days: running outside with my husband, and running inside two minutes later completely soaked and giddy with laughter.

7. ... swimming in the Atlantic, especially in a moderate sea.

8. ... madeleines right out of the oven. The crunchy edges get softer after just a few minutes. And that smell...mmm...

9. ... good hair days (rare enough to be noticed when you have frizzy hair like mine)

10. ... good painting days!

Is that 10 already? So what about you? Tell me what you love!

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