Bye bye Lalyblue...

Bye bye Lalyblue...

... don't worry, I'm not going anywhere! But as some of you might have noticed, "Lalyblue" is softly taking her leave.

Actually, you are no longer on but on, and you can now write with the contact form. The same goes with my Facebook page, my Etsy shop etc... Only my Zazzle shop is still at for now because I have to start over from scratch and re-create all the products... but this is going to be fun because I plan to make lots of new goodies! (messenger bags covered in roses? here I come..!)

But like most things techy, all these little changes (+ more soon-to-be-released changes to  the blog) have taken a gigantic portion of my time lately. I'm sleep-deprived, the kids are mom-deprived and prince charming is showing heroic patience and support: he even took his day off today to take care of little sore-throat-princess so I could catch up on some painting and write to you!

So, why bother you may ask? Well, the thing that started it all is that I recently found out about a lovely illustrator/designer from Spain who is using almost the same name (Laliblue, check her out, she's got some awesome stuff). There was a moment of panick, but then I realized I was actually starting to feel pretty OK about using my "real life" name. And after a while it felt more than OK, it felt good, it felt right, it felt empowering.

laly mille scrabble
laly mille scrabble

A year ago, as I was showing my work for the very first time at an art show, I was feeling so vulnerable. I told you earlier that calling myself an artist was a real challenge at the time. "Lalyblue" was the name I had chosen over 10 years before when opening my very first email account ("laly33" ? no thank you, I'd rather add a color, give me some blue sky!). Since then it had become a part of me, even a nickname used by my family. So when I finished my first painting, and signing it was so intimidating, I instinctively wrote "Lalyblue"... And that's how "she" became a sort of alter ego, helping me on this creative path, protecting the shy little girl in me from the fear of seeing her art and herself exposed, helping me deal with fears and insecurities, until I could get comfortable with this new self, my true self, my artist self.

free as a bird Laly Mille
free as a bird Laly Mille

I told you in this post that TRUTH is my "word of the year". At the time I had no idea how it would unfold, but now I see how it helps me every day, gently nudging me in the right direction. Laly Mille is my name in everyday life, and guess what? This creative life has become my everyday life! I feel such gratitude for the kindness I have received from you all on this blog, on facebook, at art shows, and for the love and support of my family. All of it has made my wings grow, and it's carrying me towards my dreams, higher than I would have imagined only a year ago.  For the first time it feels safe to just. be. me.

By the way, do you want to keep following this journey with me?......Subscribe to the blog! And if you have a blog of your own and would like to show your support to this brave new me, grab my button in the sidebar! Thank you!

Wishing you the loveliest of days / evenings, wherever you are ♥

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