Suzanne Joy Fernald: from beauty to tears

Once upon a time guest series

Suzanne Joy Fernald

From beauty to tears


Here it is! As promised, today I have the great pleasure of bringing to you a new Once upon a time guest story by the lovely Suzanne Joy Fernald.

Once Upon A Time… a path of almond trees brought beauty to tears

"Driving home from a long road trip to see Sequoia National Forest, a view of blossoms appeared in the distance off the highway.  With a sudden energy burst and exiting the highway, I grabbed my camera eagerly, running to the tree grove… and speechless.

Almond Trees Path by Suzanne Joy Fernald
Almond Trees Path by Suzanne Joy Fernald

Kneeling with my camera to encompass the blossoms, my eyes became moist with beauty through my lens.  Moving about, capturing a variety of angles, joy filled my soul beyond words.

After many pictures, running back to my vehicle, through tears expressed with faith, I prayed the composed pictures would be as beautiful as seen through my lens.  I did not own a digital camera, it was film.  The instant gratification of seeing the image immediately was not there.  However, there was a thrill to relive the moment upon seeing my developed film.

This almond tree photo entry won an award at a local fair and, as a bonus, a patron also wished to purchase it.   Meeting the patron at a coffee shop, the older woman softly spoke of the intended picture placement at her home.  “It will be at the end of the hallway, as if walking down the path myself”.

Many years later, this series of photos remains my best seller.  Seeing the path of Almond Trees brings such joy in experiencing God’s creation with speechless joy encompassing my heart."

Suzanne Joy Fernald is an American artist from California.

Lover of writing and a photo enthusiast, from a young age, Suzanne's heart sings in sharing Spirit and lifting positivity of honesty, joy and Truth to encourage others along their path and life's journey.

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