Dream come true!

Dream come true!

OMG! Pinch me!...

It's here!!! My first ever magazine publication! Yay!!!!

And in one of my absolute favorite mixed media magazines too: this month's Cloth, Paper, Scissors, which is packed with amazing art and articles to feed your creativity!

The article is about one of my "winged keys" called Hypothesis. To find out more about this piece and the other winged keys in the series, click on the following pictures and then on the "Read more" links. 

A huge thank you to the CPS team and in particular to editor Jenn Mason, who's been so wonderfully encouraging when I first sent her my portfolio back in January!

The magazine is available for purchase HERE and if you're outside the US and don't have access to the "real" paper magazine, you can always grab the digital version!

I hope you enjoy the article and would love to know what you think, so please leave a comment! If you have some assemblage pieces that you would like to share, or pieces that include a key, or artwork that is part of a series, tell us and share your links too!

Have a lovely fluttery day...