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Life Book 2014 : my January pages and more

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Friends, I've told you that I'm doing Life Book for the first time this year (yay! thank you Santa ♥). And I've also told you that my blogging time is going to be very limited this year (and why it's all OK!). So, after some pondering (and a hot bath), I've decided to give you a simple, monthly update in pictures. How does that sound?... So without further ado, here is my Life Book January!

"Inner Artist Guardian" with Tamara Laporte

(with my word of the year: TRUST)

"A Happy Affirmation" with Micki Wilde

(in 2014 I want more energy!)

... and to this end I tried my first green smoothie: yum!!

green smoothie
green smoothie

"Creativity & Play" with Carla Sonheim

(I haven't finished all the exercises yet but loved the found poetry!)

"Be True to You" with Kelly Hoernig

(journaling about 3 things I love: Travels (and especially England), cherries and spring!)

Voilà! We'll see what next month brings!