Creative awakenings - Vision Quest 1

I'm on a Vision Quest... one month of creative awakenings

Some of you may know that I am taking Whitney Freya's Vision Quest - the Creatively Fit Program to become a certified Creatively Fit coach! I had been hearing the coaching bells for over two years but hadn't felt ready to help and guide others (even though this is something I do all the time without realizing it, which is a good sign...)

Dream collage

It wasn't time yet, until last summer when I finally got back in the flow with my own art after many "off" months, and felt my creative voice stronger and clearer than ever. That's when I serendipitiously happened upon Whitney's training that some friends were taking, and it was exactly what my heart had been wishing for.

So here I am now, over one month into this Vision Quest, which turns out to be a true journey of discovery.

Journaling and playing with shapes

The strongest part of the experience for me so far has been to work with my "Sacred Symbol". This first month has been dedicated to meeting our "artist within" (call it "heart", call it "right brain" or "subconscious", whatever works for you to open yourself up to this friendly and powerful guidance!).

Shaman cave painting

To support us along this experience, each participant has been gifted a Sacred Symbol (Whitney uses a lovely and meaningful practice to assign these).

We get to do a painting of this symbol, and mine couldn't have been better chosen for me at this time in my journey: it is the Shaman.

Sacred symbol journaling

First intuitive layer of my Sacred Symbol painting

The Shaman is in communication with the unseen, with the magic others no longer see. She travels through dreams to other realms and transmits what she discovers to those who need healing, peace, beauty, hope, trust. When everything is dark, she is able to see Light and guide others back to their own souls. To Soul. With humility, she is of service to her community. A portal and a light-bearer, she helps others on their own journeys.

Animal guides that have shown up on the canvas! Elephant, Owl, Butterfly and... Bear (can you see it?)

She knows her roots, she is grounded. And she knows her wings too. She is both strong and vulnerable, and she knows to ask for help and support from her spirit helpers, animal guides, angels, ancestors, fairy folk. She works from a place of Gratitude and Trust. And Love.

She has taught me a lot this past month, speaking to me through the exercises we have been practicing: soul-scribble, dream-collage, shapes, mandalas, painting meditation, journaling... She supports me as I walk my path and learn how to support others on their own. We'll see what unfolds in this second month that has already started...

One color doodle pages

Mandalas and painting meditation with straw blowing

Light & Love