Ease, play, paint - Vision Quest 2

Ease, play and the painting process: creative Vision Quest, month 2!

I'm well into month 3 of my journey as a participant and soon-to-be certified coach in Whitney Freya's Vision Quest - The Creatively Fit Program. I shared a bit about month one HERE, and now it's time to take a step back and reflect on what has been going on in month 2!

Whitney has been teaching us a painting process that allows anyone to paint, to approach the blank canvas in a safe and playful way, and successfully complete paintings they are happy with, and that are meaningful to them. She calls the process "Painting Made Easy"!

Color wheel and a first layer: just playing with colors!

So, painting... and ease... and weaving those two together as the year is nearing completion... it seems I'm being gently nudged to go round full circle to my "word of the year": Ease... In the blog post I wrote about it last January, I told you about the huge resistance I felt before allowing myself to choose this one little word as my guide for 2015. And guess what? this same resistance, and her good friend procrastination, have been my companions in the past few weeks, paralyzing me whenever I tried to experiment with this simple painting process.

But after sitting with the feelings and the gremlins, I was finally able to create a first, small and simple canvas: my North Star, my happy twinkly guide. And since breaking that barrier, I have been fully embracing the ease and fun of the process, which will become my tool to help others overcoming their own roadblocks.

© 2015 Laly Mille

"The way you do anything, is the way you do everything"

© 2015 Laly Mille

© 2015 Laly Mille

Behind the apparent simplicity of this 4-step painting technique, lies a powerful transformational process: the canvas becomes a mirror, a symbol and a guide that reflects to us the challenges we experience in other aspects of our lives. And as we overcome those challenges on the canvas, we gain insights, strength and confidence, we build new "mental muscles" that will serve us in all that we do: the Art that is our Life!

© 2015 Laly Mille

Month 3 is all about flexing those "muscles" with a Painting Marathon: we're painting 26 paintings on just 3 canvases, learning and expanding as we go... I will soon be sharing this next part of the journey, stay tuned...

Light & Love


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