Art show tour!

A tour of my latest art show!

Last week was one of the most amazing of this whole year for me. I had the privilege of exhibiting my work in a truly beautiful and magical venue: a 12th century abbey tower, the "Tour St Aubin" in Angers. The exhibitions room is located on the ground floor of this majestic tower. Despite its impressive size, the warm-colored stone walls and arched ceilings give it the feel of an intimate cocoon that makes you want to whisper... A perfect setting for my art, and especially this show entitled Anam Cara (soul friend / soul guide in Irish).

I am beyond grateful for all the conversations, the sparkly eyes, the deep sighs and meaningful silences of the many visitors who instinctively let down the barriers and shared a glimpse of their soul. What a humbling gift. It has rocked me to the core in the best of ways, and made me grow in ways I cannot yet fully grasp.

I know I will revisit the memories of this life-changing experience again and again... and you're invited too! I'm delighted to share with you the "virtual tour" of the show that we created:

Click above and follow the instructions to visit the show at your own pace. You can zoom in on each artwork (it may take a few seconds to load the image depending on your internet connection). I invite you to put on your favorite soft music while you enjoy the tour (my favorite at the moment is Agnes Obel). Enjoy!

Light & Love,

2016-11-18 10.43.14.jpg