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Whisperer Student Spotlight

DS Watkins


Little Book of Whispers has opened for registration yesterday and I'm already fantasizing about all the beautiful little books that are going to be created... Seriously, this is such a treat for me! I dream of seeing them all together on the shelves of an ancient library, the kind that smells like beeswax, old paper and wood...

There's something so magical and gentle about this class, something that makes you want to go quiet, slow down and listen. Listen to your soul... Which is exactly what DS Watkins did last summer, and I am delighted to share her gorgeous and oh-so-deeply layered little book today. A poem is woven throughout its pages and DS has recorded an audio for you, as she tells it from her heart...




Almost anonymous

by DS Watkins

Laly Mille - Little Book of Whispers guest blog by DS Watkins: Almost Anonymous

“Almost Anonymous” is the third in my series of whisper books.  

I resisted adding the doily (even though it is filled with tender memories of my mama) because it seemed so fluffy, so soft, so utterly feminine, and never a direction I wished to travel in my art making.

Which then led me to wonder why. 

Why DS? What is it in the feminine mystic you do not embrace wholeheartedly?  Said out loud so clearly like that caused me to stop in my tracks and consider this premise of my art making and it’s relationship to being feminine.

So I strode head-long into this resistance, gently, lovingly, and found a treasure —a volume of wonder waiting for me.  

I am so thankful I did.


Here is the story:

Almost anonymous

A simple story—
I wanted to be exalted
to acquire a new clarity
without any conscious intention on my part.
And to trust myself and my feeling
from deep within.
The same clear, beautiful, and strange feeling that
slowly learns to recognize
the subdued, sometimes precious
with a small solitary joy.
And just on the threshold of eternity
I danced.


Listen to the poem:


Flip through the book...

I strode head-long into this resistance, gently, lovingly, and found a treasure —a volume of wonder waiting for me.  
I am so thankful I did.
— DS Watkins


DS Watkins artist

DS Watkins Studio & TurtleDove Press

Art and the application of words has enthralled me for as long as I can remember.

  • writing poetry

  • penning calligraphy

  • engineering bookart

  • painting with encaustic on board and paper

  • printing with an antique table-top printing press

  • printing with an intaglio press

Exploring the fascinating facets of these various methods of mark-making has provided the ultimate (and quite satisfying) path to give my voice to words through art.

Little Book of Whispers

A delightful mixed media & art journaling workshop: Follow the whispers of your soul to create a beautifully layered little artist book!

From meaningful materials to inspired layers and textured covers, a glimpse of the gorgeous little books that are being created by my students in Little Book of Whispers!

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