Student Spotlight: Sabyne Alain

Light Seeker Student Spotlight

Sabyne Alain

Earlier this week we have re-opened registration for my online class Layers of Light! And this time it's also available in my mother-tongue, French. To celebrate, I'm delighted to share with you this new "Light Seeker spotlight" by one of my french-speaking students, a beautiful artist (and beloved sister-in-law!): Sabyne Alain.

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The focus of Layers of Light is on exploring our relationship with Light, both inside and out, expressing it creatively and letting it shine through our art! Being Light Seekers, but also Light Bearers. And to me, one of the ways to shine a light for others, is to create space for them to step into the light, own their gifts, shine their truth and inspire you!

Sabyne Alain

From shadow to light

Is shadow really born from light? In my own personal quest, I have found the opposite to be true.

My journey to light started about a year and a half ago. I was stuck in a particularly difficult job situation, so much so that everything around me felt dark.


I decided to quit my job and reconquer my life, little by little. It got me thinking about which tools I could use to gather the scattered pieces of myself again, and I decided to capture one happy moment each day with my camera (I was feeling so bad that it felt like there was no happiness left in my life, except on very rare occasions!). I opened an Instagram account and started posting my daily moments of joy.


It took me 90 days to feel better and realize that there was indeed happiness in my life, and that I was allowed to enjoy it.

One joy called the next one, and this new-found happiness made me feel free to begin a creative practice. I bought some painting supplies and jumped into mixed media with delight and curiosity.

That's when my obsession with birds began. They guide me, with this fragile freedom that only they get to experience.

Shortly after, weaving came to me. For years I had been hoarding found treasure from the beach, not really knowing what to do with it. I also owned an unused loom, gifted to me some years before, and I knew they were meant to meet.


Through this artistic practice, I started to connect my earthy roots (I'm a country girl) to my current life in Brittany (by the sea), by weaving together raw wool and hand-spun yarn with fishing net, driftwood or even dried fish egg cases...

A few months ago, I participated in Laly's online class and that's when I became aware of how far I had gone on this journey. That's when I knew I had come from the shadow, and that this darkness had given birth to the light that now surrounds me. It was a hard and painful journey, but I cherish it, because it's mine. This is the path I was meant to walk, the path that led me to becoming an artist.

As serendipity would have it, shortly after beginning this class with Laly, I salvaged an old cupboard to restore it (one of my true joys!). As I was dismantling it, I found a piece of paper stuck at the bottom, that you really couldn't see at first sight. I delicately peeled it away, and when I flipped it over, I saw it was arcane #19 from the tarot: the Sun, the card of fulfillment.

I believe it came to tell me that if you make an effort and take a step towards the Light, then Light will come to you, and that we must open our eyes to see it in everything and everyone.


My wish, in the years to come, is to remain able to see this light radiating, to cultivate it no matter what, and to carry it in our world and our time. It is so much needed.

Meet Sabyne

I love cats, nature and shoes (I'm addicted!). I need projects to move forward in life and cannot stand boredom... I don't watch TV but always have a book nearby and music fills the house at all times.

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