Light Seeker Student Spotlight: Chris Burton

Light Seeker Student Spotlight

Chris Burton

In love with the ocean


Hello there beautiful soul,

It's time for a new student spotlight! I absolutely love welcoming guest artists here on my blog, and I feel very lucky to have such talented artists in my students community.

Today I am thrilled to welcome Chris Burton, a student from my online class Layers of Light: Chris has a passion and a true talent for capturing light and darkness in her surroundings by the sea. I fell in love with the contrast and texture in the photos that she shared as part of the exercises of the class, and I'm delighted that she accepted to share them with a wider audience. Chris also happens to have the most beautiful way with words, and I know she will inspire you. Enjoy!

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I am a true Cancerian, a Moon child.
I hold a life-long love affair with the ocean.
My very soul craves her company.

I grew up as a child by the sea.

I chased surfer boys as a teenager.

I fell in love with a sailor.

I made my home and raised my family by the sea. I still live by her today and thank her many moods, her constant change, her mighty power and her deep unknown. I wonder at what secrets she must hold.


The Ocean calls me to her always. She beckons to me and whispers - I will heal you, I will cleanse you. I will show you my vastness, how deep runs my power.

It is my Joy to be by the water, to watch the waves crash, smooth and roll - bringing in and taking out as to renew the spirit. To be in her majestic company, to release and return.

Respect her for she can take you.

Respect her for she is life.


My most favorite Ocean mood is in Winter - for me there is nothing like the solace of a Winter beach. So highly contrasted to the Summer norm of vivid hot blue sky, searing fire Sun and humans so many humans. The noise, the buzzing.

Take me Winter, the Season of my birth.

I love to walk in her misty, moody light with only my footprints for company.

Heavy clouds, deep rain, wild crazy wind.


Trace the mist blowing up over the sand dunes.

Feel the wind sweeping the shores, the sand grains biting at ankles.

Wander, explore and free your mind. Lie in the dunes, close your eyes and listen.


Embrace all that it is and feel tiny in Nature.

Feel her intensely cold water cleansing your very soul, shivering cold, thrilling skin and senses.

Feel the soft sand caressing tired feet, they hold so much strength and your connection to the Earth.

Every grain soothes and heals.


The wild wind pushing and tugging throwing me off balance. Walk against her and feel the strength, imagine it passing right through - clearing and cleaning. I so often stand strong, she shows me lightness and freedom.

Breathe, breathe deeply, feel the damp air, the world is renewed with each breath.
The smell of salty hair - memories flash by - I'm there for a fleeting moment. Out of my present and into my past.

To make sense or not of the swirling and swishing of emotions and beliefs.

Let the sadness and stress dissolve in the depths. Dissolve away all sorrow and bring in renewal and strength.

So very drawn to white and wild, to softening and releasing. To be comforted in serene peace. To seek light - to be a light seeker. To quieten the noise, soften the light and diminish the voice of the inner critic.

Dream of far off shores and have hope surround you. Look out across her to the horizon with the wonderment of possibility.

I seek out her company always.

I feel strong again.

I am enough again.

I take her all enveloping power and I am once again restored. I respect her.

Like a confessional or a blessing from Nature.

Be in her immense ethereal Beauty.
Here yet gone


Facebook: LuLu4Luna Instagram: @lulu4luna

I'm a gatherer, a collector, a wanderer, a gypsy soul. A lover of Nature.
I've always been drawn to the creative world. Always making things, keeping scraps & pretty things. I love textiles & wool & for many years I've been sewing patchwork quilts (lots & lots of quilts).

Then a little while ago I saw some art I liked and as serendipity would have it there was to be an online course. I have found I love to paint & play. I also love to take photographs.

Called in first by the ocean (Cancerian born & true to it in many ways). I love too the forest and love to wander & discover & photograph. My very favorite season is Winter. Layered up warm in knobbly knits & boots. I have a head full of ideas & journals full of notes & ramblings.

Wild & free
Light & dark
Moon & sea
Forest, rock & fire fill my spirit & guide my path.
— Chris Burton

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