All my favorite techniques

Permission granted

All my favorite techniques

I started making art about 8 years ago now, and what really got me started was discovering mixed media art: all of a sudden, it felt like I was given permission to not love just one thing, but as many as I liked!

It was so freeing to realize that I didn't have to commit to just one art practice, nor had to learn "traditional" art, but that I could instead explore and experiment with anything that attracted me, anything that felt good and exciting, and follow the light of my own inner artist!

Layers of Light online Art Class with Laly Mille

I never forgot those early days of my journey, and when I created my online class Layers of Light, I wanted this joy and this freedom to be at the heart of my teaching, to give YOU permission to explore anything your heart desires.

That's why I'm sharing so many techniques in this class: paint and inks, paper and collage, photography, plaster, fiber and encaustic wax, and even words and journaling... playfulness is the key!


Layers of Light is not a traditional art class. Yes, we will explore composition, color, contrast... but we will do it in a way that will awaken your creative spark, teach you to trust yourself more and create opportunities for you to explore your feelings, your stories, so that you can make meaningful art that is true to YOU.

I am filled with gratitude for the amazing response this class has received, with over a thousand students since I first released it two years ago. And if you've been feeling a little lost in your art practice or don't know where and how to begin, then this could be the perfect class for you.


I would love to be your guide on this exciting journey and I hope you will JOIN US!

With Light & Love,


Creativity is contagious, pass it on.
— Albert Einstein

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