Gratitude... and a gift for you!

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With gratitude


As I was about to create my last art journaling page of the year, gratitude filled my heart, together with a good dose of excitement for the new year! I feel so incredibly grateful for all the growth, the beauty and the gifts that 2017 has brought into my life, and I thought that one of the best ways to express it, was to give back something special and beautiful...


Which is why I decided to FILM and SHARE this whole art journaling session! This is a completely FREE GIFT for my followers, blog readers, newsletter subscribers...

Thank you for your words of encouragement, your questions and ideas, your creative longings and the art you shared this year. Thank you for following your Light, for daring to be vulnerable, for your spirit of adventure and for all the beauty you bring into this world just by being YOU!

Below is a little sneak peek video, and I won't say much more here today, as I hope you'll come and join me! Click to get the link and password, and see you in the studio!


With Gratitude, Light & Love,



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A unique art journaling and mixed media painting journey to grow your artist wings and take the leap from page to canvas...

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