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As you might know, art journaling has become an incredibly important part of my creative process. Making it a practice has made me grow in new ways and it is a constant source of inspiration for my art. But believe it or not, it had been years of dreaming and wishing before I actually started my art journal (meaning: years of resistance and procrastination!)

One of my best excuses was that I couldn't find a journal that really suited me (and my perfectionist tendencies) Basically, a journal made of nice thick paper (think watercolor) that would open flat from the first page to the last.

Free Handmade Art Journal Tutorial | Laly Mille

Thankfully, one very late and gloomy autumn evening, something inside of me said: "Enough! Just grab some paper and make it happen!" I looked around the studio and found an A3 pad of paper (not exactly watercolor but close enough) and just started tearing out all the sheets and folding them in two. There you go: pages! Then I bound the book with thread and it became my art journal, the one I still create in today. And I LOVE it to bits.

Free Handmade Art Journal Tutorial - Laly Mille

Making the journal myself, putting my hands to work, is actually what got me unstuck and made me start the practice. There is something so rewarding about creating your own journal. Mine is full of imperfections, which is... perfect! This way I don't feel precious about it and can get as messy as I wish.

I'm about to launch my first art journaling class and, as I discussed it with my students, I found out I was not the only one who got stuck in this "quest" for the perfect journal. So I decided to make a video tutorial to share the process! Here it is:

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.
— Pablo Picasso

In the past few days, many students have shared with me the journals they've created with this simple technique and I can hardly say how excited I feel for them! Like it's the beginning of a love story... I can't wait to see the beautiful mess they will create on those simple white pages.

This page is from the "intuitive journaling" lesson in my upcoming class  The Artist & the Journal

This page is from the "intuitive journaling" lesson in my upcoming class The Artist & the Journal


Do you keep an art journal? Or would you like to?Have you thought about making your journal yourself? If you give the tutorial a try, I'd love to see!


Please share your thoughts and questions in a comment below, and stay tuned as I share more about art journaling in the coming weeks! If you'd like to be notified of future blog posts, news etc. please subscribe to my email list below:

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