Online Solo Show... You're invited!

You're invited to my first

Online Solo Show!

Oh my goodness I am so excited to announce my first ever ONLINE SOLO SHOW! Hosted by the lovely Stephanie Gagos, it will take place from 16 to 18 Oct. on Facebook. Stephanie’s events are always so fun and inspiring, I can hardly wait! But I have plenty to keep me busy until then, as I’m getting everything ready!

Laly Mille Online Solo Show!

How to join us:

  1. Click the button below to go directly to the event page on Facebook

  2. Click the “Going” button to be added to the Guest List

I hope you will join US!

Here is one of my favorite series that will be included in the show. They are called Guardian of Dawn (the blue one) and Guardian of Dusk (the green one). These light-bearers are here to gently light the path ahead and encourage you to follow your spark...

The Guardians by Laly Mille

I love working on a whole collection of paintings at a time. Each series is like a little family where all the pieces are related but each one has its own unique personality... plus they look so good displayed as a set! These are from my Queen of All the Land series:

Queen of All the Land series - Laly Mille
Queen of all the Land 3 - Laly Mille

I've also decided to include a few little landscape studies in the show because I love them so much and they deserve to bring joy to someone's home! This one was actually painted at the beach in Ireland last year (with sunglasses on, lol!). At some point it flew away into the glorious Irish wind and landed in the sand...

Ireland Reflections 1.jpg

I will also be including plenty of my latest “Soulful Abstracts”, from tiny little pieces on paper to larger paintings on canvas! Here are a few of them:

Two dreamy ladies will also come out of hiding to join the party! I painted them a few years ago but they had ended up tucked away in the studio because unfortunately, the inks I had used for shading were not as light-fast as I had hoped (for those of you who will undoubtedly want to know: Distress Inks were the culprits...). But the other day, as I was organizing paintings for the show, I suddenly felt inspired to finally give them some love and attention. I reworked them with archival inks (Pitt Artist pens) and now I love them even more than before!


And finally, here is the largest painting that will be included in the show! (27,5" x 27,5" / 70 x 70cm) "Renaissance" is one of my absolute favorites, so fresh and full of joy. I wake up to it every morning and it always makes me smile. I hope it will bring so much joy and positive energy into its new home! 


These are just a few of the pieces that will be included in the show, and you will find plenty more in the photo album here (I’ll keep adding more until the show begins!)

Inflorescence 5.jpg


Save the date! 16 - 18 OCT. 2019

NB: Once you’re on the event page on Facebook, don’t forget to click “GOING”!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my artist journey. Have an inspired day and see you at the show!

Light & love,


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