online art classes



How do your ecourses work?

All the videos are prerecorded, so you can watch them whenever you want, and as many times as you wish. 

There's a private Facebook group for each class, which you'll be invited to join if you want (this is optional). 

My classes have lifetime access and are completely self-paced. You are invited to slow down, tune into your own rhythm and approach the creative process with mindfulness and curiosity. But make time regularly to complete your course. Lifetime access should not be an excuse to procrastinate! Remember that this is a gift you are giving yourself: it is much deserved self-care time, time for growth and connection. It matters. YOU matter. So don’t save it for "later".


I'm not really a "can draw" person. in fact I can't even draw a straight line... Are your classes for me?

Absolutely! There is no need to know how to draw for my classes. When a project includes a figure or a portrait, it's never an advanced technique and there are always alternative solutions, like painting over collage for instance. It's really just about building your confidence, uncovering the art that's in your heart, taking the time to practice and not comparing yourself with those who are further away on their own path. We all need to start somewhere!


I’ve never painted, Done Art journaling or tried mixed media before. Can I take your classes?

Yes, you can! I believe that the beginner’s spirit is a true gift, and all the projects in my classes are doable. Of course there will be learning curve if this is completely new to you. Commitment and perseverance are key when we start to shake things up, and it's totally OK to mess up! My wish for you is that you make lots of "mistakes" and acknowledge that they are a good thing, because it’s the best way to learn. Trust, self-compassion and a sense of adventure are super important.

I also strongly encourage you to participate and share what you create in the classe's Facebook group, where you will be encouraged by other beginners and seasoned artists alike. When you see others who are more advanced on their journey, do not fall into the trap of comparison, but rather, let this inspire you and give you faith that you will get there too.  You ARE creative, no matter what you believe or what others may have told you. We all are! It’s part of being human and has nothing to do with a few "chosen ones" or a special gift. All creatives have been right where you are and my classes have lifetime access so you can take the time to learn at your own perfect pace and go back to the lessons over and over again. My hope is that taking a class with me gives you a solid foundation for your creative practice, so you can grow your wings from a place of truth and authenticity.


I’m a seasoned artist. are your classes for me?

Yes! Many seasoned and professional artists have joined my classes already and I’d be honored to have you with us!

These classes are full of my personal techniques, some I have learned and pass on in my own ways, others I have discovered through happy accidents and experimentation. There is also a strong focus on creative strategies to make your practice unique, overcome your blocks (if you have them!) and challenge yourself to gently expand your comfort zone. I’m a self-taught artist and a certified creativity coach, and I teach in a heart-centered, non-academic way. You’ll see me in action and will be guided to explore your own world, inside and out. All my classes aim at bringing you closer to your most authentic creative voice. My wish for you is that they shake things up for you in beautiful ways, and that you gain lots of new ideas and inspiration for the next steps of your artistic journey.


How do I know if this course is for me?

There’s only one true way to know: trust your intuition. If it feels exciting and stirs your curiosity, if it resonates with you in a way that feels really good, that feels like joy, like home, or like a big good sigh and a smile... then it most certainly is for you! Your inner artist knows what she or he wants. Let your inner light guide you.


Why are seats limited? will you open the class again in the future?

Once you are taking a class with me, I truly want you to have an amazing time. This means that I want to be available to support you and answer your questions in the Facebook group, especially at the beginning. That's why I prefer to limit seats for each session. It also allows me to keep some time to paint!


Once I sign up, when will I receive my Login?

  • If class has instant access: you will receive login instructions shortly after registration, together with your invitation to join the Facebook group.
  • If class starts at a specific date, you will receive your Facebook invitation a few days ahead and your class login instructions when class starts. 
  • Login instructions will be sent to the email you used during registration. If you need to update your contact email after check-out, you can do so by clicking on the "preferences" link at the bottom of our emails or by contacting us à 
  • If you register while class has already started, you will receive your login instructions within 48hrs.
  • If it's the first time you're taking one of my classes, you will be prompted to create your own member login and password for my site. If you are a returning student, you will be invited to add the class to your account.
  • Please add to your contacts to make sure that our emails arrive safely in your inbox!


How long will the class and videos be available?

  • You will have lifetime access to the classroom and videos. "Lifetime" technically means as long as we are operating our business, and our website is up and running.
  • The Facebook group will stay open indefinitely.


Are the videos downloadable?

No they are not. With lifetime access you can watch the videos within the classroom as many times as you wish, but to protect the integrity of our content (and all the work that went into it) the videos are not downloadable. Therefore, before signing up, please make sure that your internet connection allows you to smoothly stream videos online. Refunds will not be made after registration. Thank you!


What do I need to participate?

There is a supplies list for each class. You will also find a list of my current favorite supplies on THIS PAGE. On the whole, these are the supplies I use most regularly:

  • A basic set of art supplies including some acrylic paints, inks, gesso and matte acrylic gel medium
  • A few paintbrushes, including a medium-sized flat brush for collage.
  • A variety of materials to stamp and make marks with, including an old credit card / plastic card. Some of my favorite options are bubble-wrap and shelf-liner.
  • Pieces of paper and fiber: magazine pages, tissue paper, packing paper, bookpages, sheet music, sewing pattern paper, old clothes, ribbon, lace... You don't need to buy anything, ask around to your friends and family!
  • Some substrates to create on (depending on the projects): an art journal, stretched canvases or wood panels. Wood, MDF and shelving left-overs from your DIY store are a great, inexpensive option.
  • A camera (nothing fancy, the one on your phone is fine!). This is great to document the process and look at your art from a different perspective.

NB: I will always encourage you to experiment and use whatever supplies you already have. Only purchase what you feel is really necessary or what you feel strongly attracted to.


can I communicate with other participants?

Yes! And I warmly encourage you to! Community has been, and still is, one of the most important ingredients in walking my creative path.

  • For each course, there's a private Facebook group created as a safe, positive place to share your creations, in-progress pictures and questions, as well as encourage your fellow class-mates and receive support. Of course participation is totally optional.
  • You can also use the comments section at the bottom of each lesson within the classroom site.

Will the projects be the same as shown in the PROMO videoS?

Yes. The images in my videos are usually filmed while filming the class. That being said, even though I'll be sharing with you my personal creative process, and you will see me complete the projects from start to finish, I will always encourage you to experiment with what feels good and natural to you: the shapes, colors, composition, textures that most speak to you. And to stretch your creative muscles by finding new ways to use the supplies and materials you have at your disposal. My wish is that sharing my process inspires you to develop your own unique expression.


Can I share / exhibit / sell the art I create from the projects of the course?

Yes and No:

  • If the art you create from the workshop ends up being very personal and different from my own, then yes of course!
  • If the pieces you create end up being very similar to the projects I demonstrate, then it is not ok to exhibit them either offline or online as your own personal creations. They are part of your learning journey. You are of course welcome to share them on your blog or social media, as long as you credit me or link back to
  • If in doubt, you can email me a picture and ask me directly. I'll do my best to help.
  • I trust your common sense and integrity


the price of the course is in euros and USD, how much is it in my Country's currency?

You can check the price conversion with online tools such as It fluctuates slightly from day to day. You will see the correct price in your own currency at checkout on Paypal or Stripe.


Do you offer any refunds?

All sales are final, so please make sure you understand and agree to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy before signing up. In particular, please make sure your internet connection allows you to watch videos online. The videos are not downloadable.

How can I reach out to you?

  • Please post your art-related questions in the classe's Facebook group so other participants can benefit and help.
  • Please do NOT post any administrative or technical questions in the Facebook group (login, email not received, billing, payment plan, invoices etc).  Please contact us BY EMAIL ONLY through the contact page or by writing to My husband William and I will do our best to reply to your message within 48 hours (working days). NB: We are located in France so there might be a little timezone difference!
  • Please do NOT send your questions through Facebook messages. Thank you.


thank you and see you in class soon!