On this page you'll find lots of videos to inspire you, class previews and free tutorials to help you get started with mixed media painting, art journaling, encaustic art and more. Enjoy!


Little book of whispers flip-through!

Inspired by nature and a sense of wonder, this “Little Book of Whispers” is full of hidden pockets, flaps, found words, little treasures and beautiful textures. Each page is a little artwork in itself and will whisper its secrets to you, if you come really close, be very quiet and listen… "Whispered": Original mixed media artist book with plaster, paper, fibers and encaustic wax. I teach this process in my online class Little Book of Whispers!



Join me in the studio for a free art journaling session, as we close the year with gratitude and welcome new beginnings! FREE art journaling video series available here: https://www.lalymille.com/newbeginnings

My first art journal page of 2018! This is part of my New Beginnings free art journaling session. Get free access above.

The Artist & the Journal

From page to canvas

Join me for a unique journey into painting and art journaling and grow your wings from page to canvas!

Dear Jane

art journaling with Jane Austen

An online Art Journaling class inspired by Jane Austen and her literary heroines… A deeply emotional and exquisitely colorful project where you will be invited to listen to your heart and let your own heroine tell her story through words and art!

Handmade art journal

FREE tutorial!

In this tutorial I’m showing you how to create your own art journal from a pad of watercolor paper!

The poetic botanist

a lesson in 21 Secrets - the great outdoors

Poetry... Botany... two of my favorite things and what better starting point for an art journal page? In this blissfully relaxing and fun lesson, we're going to play with image transfers, gesso, book pages and words... Join me and a whole team of inspiring teachers as we explore Nature and Art Journaling in 21 Secrets "The Great Outdoors"!

Wild roses

Abstract floral mini class

Join me and create gorgeous floral abstract paintings with this fun mixed media layering process: Embrace color, welcome the unexpected and let your heart bloom with joy!

Layers of Light

Let your light shine through your art 

What if you were a light seeker? What if your unique creative spark was just a few brushstrokes away?... In this in-depth mixed media art class, I'm sharing all my favorite painting techniques through soulful and nurturing painting projects, journaling prompts and creative exercises that will inspire you to shine!


A look at the main projects of the class...

Lesson 1: "Soul Board"… a magical portal to awaken your spark, connect to your light and invite inspiration.

Lesson 2: Dancing with Light and Shadow... and playing with a whole variety of whites, blacks and neutral tones.

Lesson 3: Textured layers just make you want to touch these little encaustic artworks. This lesson is all about texture: gritty, frayed, translucent, soft... magical!www.lalymille.com/layersoflight

Lesson 5: Create a series of small artworks dedicated to a personal symbol and learn my favorite acrylic technique that recreates the gorgeous waxy look of encaustic!

Lesson 4: Wandering on the horizon, feeling the layers of life... Paper, wax, lace, journaling, inks and mismatched buttons create a dreamy and oh-so-yummy landscape.Layers of Light: www.lalymille.com/layersoflight

Lesson 6: This final project is such a meaningful journey… Play with color and white, cover, uncover, paint over a photo, write poetic affirmations and get blissfully messy!

Life Book 2019

year-long Mixed media class

"Woodland Wanderer" was my lesson for the Life Book Creativity & Wellbeing Summit. It is now available as part of Life Book 2019! You’re invited to take a walk, breathe, relax and let Nature inspire you! I will share a few ideas to make your walk a truly nurturing moment of mindfulness and creativity.

little book of whispers

A little book for the soul 

The making of a Little Book of Whispers from start to finish, enjoyworkshop... Enjoy!

Woven dreams

Fiber Art Workshop

In this delightfully whimsical fiber art project, we will be working with beautiful, unusual and recycled materials to weave exquisite mini fiber artworks!

encaustic set uP

Tips, tools and materials to get started with encaustic art! More tips and supplies list with links available here:

In this short video, I'm showing you how I set up my space to work with encaustic wax, plus my favorite Supplies. This video is from my online art class Layers of Light! Enjoy!

My easy step by step technique to make your own encaustic medium with natural bees wax and Damar resin.


"Encaustic inspired" Layering

Step by step process of a series of small mixed media artworks with an encaustic-inspired twist... in acrylics!

encaustic explorations

Sharing a glimpse of the process of my very first encaustic pieces, back in 2015… Read more on the blog here:

Abstract roses in my journal

In this video I'm sharing the creation of dreamy abstract roses with acrylic and collage in an art journal! Detailed instructions and supplies list are available in the March-April 2018 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, available HERE

In Between

A large abstract painting

An atmospheric abstract painting where light and shadow weave themselves together mysteriously and harmoniously. Dark layers of India ink dance with subtle, misty whites under a translucent, wax-like finish.

Mixed media portrait