WOVEN Dreams - Fiber Art workshop

supplies & tools


Below is a list of supplies for the class.  You need very few tools for this class, and as for weaving materials, I highly recommend to go on a scavenger hunt for fabrics, yarns, natural materials and anything you want to experiment with! Ask around to friends and family for left-over yarn, string, ribbon or old garments you can cut into strips. Go out in nature to gather grasses, bark and seeds.

Woven Dreams Fiber Art online class with Laly Mille

What you'll need:

To create your weaving loom:

  • a wooden frame from a stretched canvas (remove the canvas) or any similar kind of frame

  • smalls nails

  • hammer (I use a small craft hammer that's really handy)

  • ruler

  • pencil

  • scissors

To create your piece:

  • a fork

  • a crochet hook, wood skewer or tapestry needle

  • a strip of cardboard

  • cotton yarn

  • a variety of fibers in any color combination you like (just make sure to include a good selection of neutral tones) : yarns (finer and thicker), lace, ribbon, cheesecloth, tulle, pieces of old linen and clothes.

  • a few papers: text papers, tea bag paper, mulberry paper and tissue paper are all great options

Here are a few other optional ideas to incorporate into your project:

  • natural materials: bark, feathers, dried leaves, seeds, grasses, twigs...

  • reclaimed materials like plastic bag, bubble wrap, steel wool...

  • embellishments like small stones, rusted metal, sea glass, buttons...

There's really no limit to what you can weave: look around you and trust your imagination!

Below are a few Amazon links that can come in handy: click images to order what you need.



Small Hammer

Small Nails


Crochet Hook



Steel Wool

Sari Silk Yarn


Have fun gathering your materials!