Let's kick off the new year with a smile!

Hey guys! I'm in the middle of preparing for my final exam but just reeeally wanted to say Hi! I mean, my last blog post was in November... I don't have much time (yet) for the artist life, but 2015 has started, and in spite of (or because of) the recent events, I say let's kick off this new year with a smile! So there you go:

And I wish you all the most beautiful, loving, joyful and light-filled year.

Have you chosen your Word of the Year (or "woty")? It's the 3rd year I choose one (or rather I let one reveal itself to me). In 2012 it was Truth, in 2014 it was Trust (with Abundance as a co-woty) and this year it is EASE... The fun thing is that it kept coming back to me but for weeks I just couldn't allow myself to "choose" it, I felt huge resistance.... which I took as a sign that I really should let it be my word, and just eeeeease into it. Believe me it has already helped me and taught me a lot in just 3 weeks... If you have a woty you can share in the comments!

Ease wish holder
Ease wish holder

I'm going to make one of my little "Sacred Wishes" wish-holders for it (I Picmonkeyed the picture above). I don't have a single wish-holder left, I either sold or gave them away as gifts, a very good excuse to dive into plaster bliss again.

And by the way, look where they've gracefully landed... on the pages of the new Somerset Life Magazine! (which is one of the most gorgeous magazines ever!) I haven't seen it "for real" yet but my friend Lorene has been super sweet and sent me a picture of her copy (thank you!!!!)

sacred wishes article Somerst Life W
sacred wishes article Somerst Life W

Although I haven't managed to keep up with the blog lately, I do try to pop up on Facebook several times a week so if you want the latest updates, that's where you'll find me.

* By the way I want to say a big thank you to all of you (all 171 of you, and counting!) who have "liked" my FB page in the past 2 months. I've often felt so far from my creative life lately, not blogging, not painting, but seeing all these new faces has been truly uplifting (gratitude+++) Would you believe we're fast approaching the 1000 landmark? That's a whole lot of positive energy and I'm glad I'm sharing with you guys!*

So, these past weeks on FB I've shared a few glimpses of what (or who) is currently on my easel...

She's a guardian, a light-bearer, soft and strong... I can't wait for her to be complete (as well as her sister that I started too and will soon share on Facebook). I'll leave you with her now and get back to work...

Light and love dear ones.

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