Layers, Light & White

in the studio

Layers, light & white…

… and some happy announcements!

The light feels so magical these days and the first frost has put me in a rather wintery mood! I love cosying up at home wearing layers of wool and drinking fragrant, steaming tea with homemade bread, looking through the window at the fading colors of nature. On my walks, I enjoy contemplating the subtle neutral tones of the meadows, the woods, the sky and feeling the crunchy leaves (and mud!) under my winter boots.

To me, it all feels like an invitation to slow down, breathe deeply and let inspiration lead the way.


But all this inspiration also means that it’s a very busy time in the studio! Ideas for new classes, artwork and creative experiments are pouring in (including a big new class for next year!) and I’m trying to catch them as fast as I can. I’ve got notebooks all over the place and they’re filling fast!

And I already have some exciting news to share with THREE very special projects to be released in the coming weeks! They are all about Light, and White…

get ready!

layers of light

First, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m about to reopen registration for my most in-depth and most-loved online art class, Layers of Light! I can hardly tell you how excited I feel about this: I've been revisiting some of the lessons and I can honestly say that I love them every bit as much today as I did 2 years ago.

This class has made me grow in amazing ways and I'm ready to guide new “Light Seekers” on this soulful art journey!

NB: Group sessions for Layers of Light happen only once or twice a year with limited seats, and registration starts soon. Get ready!

my winter wonderland

inspired by white

When you share the things you’re most passionate about, it ripples out and can lead you to the most beautiful connections and friendships. This year has been so rich with collaborative teaching projects, with 21 Secrets last summer, the Life Book Summit in October, Wanderlust and Life Book in the works for 2019… and I’m thrilled to finally reveal that next month I will also be a guest teacher in True Colors, my friend Kellee Wynne’s membership program!

True Colors is all about embracing color and creativity, with a different color palette, guest artist and projects every month (and when you join you automatically have access to all past lessons too!)


special event!

art for the holidays

And finally, I’m over-the-moon thrilled to be participating in The Handmade Holiday Event hosted by Stephanie Gagos! It will be happening on Facebook starting November 19th and there will be lots of amazing, super affordable art to snatch from me and other artists…including some of the pieces I created for Layers of Light!

If you’ve been dreaming of owning an original piece of my art, then click below and I’ll send you an invitation to join the event when it opens on November 19th!

I have turned a corner of my studio into a photo set and I’m having so much fun shooting artwork for the event! I love seeing my art with new eyes through my camera:


White creates such a soothing, magical atmosphere. It never ceases to inspire me with its simplicity and ethereal light. I can’t wait to explore its endless possibilities again in Layers of Light and I hope you will join me!

Light & Love,


PS: Registration for Layers of Light opens on November 23rd! If you would like to get a reminder by email (and early VIP access!) make sure to subscribe to my newsletter & put your name on the wait list below :

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