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ART Photo shoot!

Yesterday the lovely Emilie Bernard came over to take some pictures of my art in our new country surroundings! I can’t wait to see the result, and in the meantime, here is a tiny sneak peek at the fun day we had!

Laly Mille - Photo Shoot Backstage Sneak Peek!

It’s amazing how the lens of a camera can make you see the world with completely new eyes. Emilie & I are both fascinated by texture and we just fell in love with the weathered, lichen-covered wall of the barn: such a perfect backdrop for my paintings!

Laly Mille - Photo Shoot Backstage Sneak Peek!
Laly Mille - Photo Shoot Backstage Sneak Peek!

The cats were very much interested in what we were doing and Pollock here was a great little helper, always luring us into taking some furry-purry, cuddly breaks!

In Between - Mixed media painting by Laly Mille. Includes India ink, mulberry paper, acrylic and natural blue pastel from the plant Isatis Tinctoria...

By the way, this mixed media painting is called "In Between" and is made with layer upon layer of India ink, acrylic, mulberry paper, natural blue pastel (made from the pastel plant "Isatis tinctoria") and a gorgeous, translucent faux-encaustic finish. It's available for purchase (980 EUR / 1100 USD + shipping). Feel free to contact me with your location for a quote. You can also see a short video of the process below:


And now I’m back in the studio, as I continue to film my new class Soulful Abstracts: I am loving every minute of it and it’s already inspiring me to make plenty of new art, so I hope it will inspire you too! We’re going to dive deep into color, texture, mark-making and more, to create beautiful and meaningful abstract art.

The class will probably start in July (self-paced with lifetime access, as usual) and if this is tempting you, make sure to join my creative community and get on the wait list for Early Bird enrollment!

Laly Mille - Photo Shoot Backstage Sneak Peek!

I look forward to sharing Emilie’s pictures with you soon and I wish you an inspired day!

Light & Love,


PS: Emilie Bernard is a French wedding and lifestyle photographer whose work I just fell in love with (plus she’s simply adorable and so fun to work with!). She has started branching out into photography for creative businesses and I can’t recommend her enough. To see more of her beautiful work, follow her on Instagram here: @emiliebernard.photographie

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