She found her wings

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She found her wings


What does the creative process feel like? How do you actually feel when you are fully in the flow, fully engaged in the present moment, making art?

The page I'm sharing today was created for one of the lessons in my new online class, "The Artist & the Journal", as an opportunity to express what the creative process means to us. And when I look at it, I can reconnect to that feeling.

She found her wings by Laly Mille. From The Artist & the Journal online class

To me, it feels like turning inward, closing my eyes and shutting out the bright lights and noises of the outside world.

Inviting darkness all around to let another, softer light shine from within.

Inviting silence, to make space for the whispers and let them be heard.

Laly Mille - Layered abstract landscape in my journal. "The Artist & the Journal" mixed media painting and art journaling online class

Connecting to the essence of who I am and to the essence of all things. Finding the magic within. And when that connection happens, another feeling emerges: the feeling of lifting... rising... flying... a feeling of timelessness, expansion and joy. The gift of wings...

There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask “What if I fall?”
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?
— Erin Hanson

While I was creating this page, I had two stories, two images in mind that I used for inspiration. They both evoke these feelings for me.


The magical paradox of the creative process, is this ability to set ourselves free from everyday reality, while at the same time being fully engaged in the present moment with our tools, our materials, our hands and our work.

Bare feet on the earthy ground, spirit dancing with the stars.

Roots and wings.

She found her wings by Laly Mille. From The Artist & the Journal online class

No matter whether you are an artist or not, we are all creative, it is part of our nature as human beings.

So tell me...

What does the creative process feel like to you? What creative activity instantly brings you to that magical place? What images could represent it?

Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe. Can you feel your wings?


Please share your magic in a comment below!

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Thank you for being part of my creative community and I wish you delightful moments of

Magic & creativity!


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