A sacred dance

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A Sacred Dance


Creating intuitively sometimes feels like catching butterflies...

The more you chase intuition, the more it seems to elude you… But the moment you let go, it starts fluttering and dancing around you, joyfully, fearlessly, and before you know it, it gently lands on your hand, dazzling you with wonder!

The Artist & the Journal online class with Laly Mille - https://www.lalymille.com/artistjournal

This is how this art journal page came to be. I created it as part of my new online class, "The Artist & the Journal", to share the way I approach intuitive art-making:

Opening up to serendipity...

Embracing the unexpected...

Laly Mille. Intuitive composition with collage. From The Artist & the Journal online class

Taking a step back, to rest and breathe...

Tuning in to the emotions and welcoming inner guidance...

The Artist & the Journal online class with Laly Mille - https://www.lalymille.com/artistjournal

Then taking a step back again, making conscious choices...


Embracing this Sacred Dance.

Then bringing it together. Home.

In my previous post I shared how the symbol of wings keeps showing up for me as a metaphor for the creative journey. And it's no wonder that it comes up for so many artists again and again: that's the power of symbols, to be completely universal and yet feel so deeply personal all at the same time. To endure and show up no matter how many times you've explored them, in your art and in your life.

When I created this new class, I didn't plan for this symbol of wings to weave itself throughout the lessons. In fact, there was actually a nasty little voice in my head that strongly resisted it: "Seriously girl, are you not done with those butterflies yet?"...

But that's the thing about inner wisdom: it comes along uninvited and if you push it away, it will sneak in through the back door... and that's all right.

Laly Mille - The Artist & the Journal online class

Many messages and emotions have shown up as I was creating this page. I'm sharing some of this journey in the safe space of my class, because this is part of the way that I teach: sharing my creative process in the moment, as fully and authentically as possible. The steps and the techniques, of course, but also the thought process, the feelings, the struggles, the inspiration... The Sacred Dance of it all. My hope is that it inspires others to trust and grow their wings. Their art.

Sacred Dance by Laly Mille. From The Artist & the Journal online class

Join the journey

I would be delighted to be your guide as you explore your art in new ways through the magic of art journaling and mixed media painting!


with so much Light & love,


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