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I'm busy as a bee in the studio right now and it's high time I shared what I've been up to!


Celebration & announcement!

First things first: Happy 1 year anniversary to Little Book of Whispers! I've prepared something super special for this new session of this sweet and soulful online class and I'd love to be your guide as you create your own beautifully layered little artist journals:

I'm cooking up an extra little something to celebrate! What could it be?... 

Creativity heaven

I'm still finding my rhythm between the artist and teacher parts of my life, and sometimes I wish I had two distinct working areas so I don't have to go back and forth between my painting set-up (meaning: every possible surface, floor, shelves, table covered in paintings, sculptures and other artworks in progress...) and my filming set-up (table in the middle of the room, camera overhead and big lights on each side taking up most of the space...) But I also love how both parts of my creative life weave themselves together in endlessly inspiring ways!

Filming setup...

Filming setup...

... playing setup!

... playing setup!

Talented students!

As you might know, the first months of the year have been dedicated to birthing a new online art class: the Artist & the Journal. I am SO proud of this baby, so amazed at the crazy response it has received and in awe of the honest, powerful and beautiful work the participants are creating. Here is a just a tiny glimpse of their first 2 weeks (the group is now filled with amazing art and I'll share some more soon!):

The next session of this class will be in September and if you'd like to join, make sure to get on the wait list:

Wild Roses

Another thing that has amazed me, is the response to my Abstract Roses tutorial published in Cloth Paper Scissors earlier this spring. This project is inspired by my "Renaissance" series of paintings, and roses now seem to be blooming everywhere!

Even better: the full lesson is now featured on HERE and below is a timelapse video of the whole process for you to enjoy!

Back to the studio

So, after all this filming, I had a few weeks to paint before getting the camera out again... I'm preparing for a local solo show, working more particularly on a new series of abstract work that I'll tell you more about really soon. It's a great opportunity to take all those unfinished canvases out of hiding and bring them to life! Lots of India ink and encaustic-like effects in this new series... I'm in love... Now I'm already back to filming, but we've moved the easel to our bedroom so I can keep going!

I'm sharing daily pics and videos on my Instagram feed and Instagram stories, so you can join me in the studio!

Fairytale Wanderlust

In the midst of all this delightful activity, William and I have taken a well-deserved little break in a fairytale-like treehouse... so dreamy! Of course I took my art journal with me (I always have my mini travel setup at the ready) and it was so lovely to start a page up there in the trees. I know it will be such a delight to revisit as I complete it later at home.

And that's it for today! I can hardly believe that so much has been going on in the past weeks (and I'm not even talking about some top secrets projects & collaborations I'm working on behind the scenes as well...) Hint:

Laly Mille botanical collage

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With Light, Love and creativity


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