Weaving whispers and touch

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Weaving whispers and Touch


Recently I've been working on my "artist statement": a short text that focuses on describing an artist's work, giving a feel of the intention and creative process behind it. Writing about your own art, especially when it takes many forms like mine, can feel a bit daunting, so it was wonderful to work with a very talented intuitive writer. As we discussed my process and she explored my art, blog and videos, I became even more aware of the importance of the tactile quality in everything I create.

Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.
— Margaret Atwood
Laly Mille. Inspired by Nature

Making art is a physical experience: my hands and my whole body are as involved as my soul. It's a dance between this physicality and the deeply spiritual side of the process, just like life really. Whispers and touch... There's something so intimate about this.

When I exhibit my art, it's always really fun to see visitors being sooo tempted to touch it... At my next solo show next September, I'll be exhibiting my "Little Books of Whispers" as well as other very "touchable" artworks, and this time I'm prepared... I've invested in a few pairs of cotton gloves!

Little Book of Whispers is also a beautiful, soulful online workshop. Click below to find out more and join me:

First layers in a "Little Book of Whispers"

First layers in a "Little Book of Whispers"


Paper and fibers are some of my favorite materials to work with and combine. They lend themselves so well to the making of artist books and other dimensional projects that have this very touchable quality I adore. I especially love to weave small whimsical artworks with all sorts of materials (reclaimed fabrics and ribbons, yarn, grasses, feathers, twigs, metal...) and I'm in the process of creating a mini class to share this process. It's called Woven Dreams and will be released in a few months!

Laly Mille - Woven Dreams online art class

This is one of the things I love about mixed media art: it doesn't only mean that I can create with all sorts of supplies and materials, but also that I can allow myself to explore any art form that takes my fancy.

As long as it feels fun and inspiring, I know it's going to make me grow.


What about you? Is touch an important part of the way you approach art, either as a maker or a viewer? What "touchable" materials and textures attract you the most? Tell me in a comment below!


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Laly Mille, Artist - Photo by Emilie Bernard: emiliebernardphotographie.com

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