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Light & Shadow in the Studio

Laly Mille - These days in my studio

Maybe that's because the solstice is approaching, but lately I'm more than ever fascinated by the play of light and shadow. And texture... And color...

So here's a peek at what I'm up to these days: a whole new series of deeply layered abstract paintings, preparing for a solo show... and Layers of Light! Read on...

it's happening now!

Layers of light

This week I'm reopening enrollment for my most in-depth painting class, Layers of Light! Texture and translucency, contrast, light and shadow, white on white effects and layers of color... we explore it all, from our surroundings to the canvas and above all from what lives in our souls.

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This is a very comprehensive course where I share all my favorite mixed media techniques (paint, collage, inks, plaster, encaustic, fiber, journaling...) and I only open it a couple of times a year with limited seats. I always get butterflies of anticipation fluttering in my stomach whenever I welcome a new group, because there is so much growth and transformation happening in this beautiful cocoon... Oh I just can't wait!!

(NB: This class always sells out fast, so if you know it's calling you... don't wait! It's self-paced with lifetime access. )

Layered abstracts

In a blog post last month I told you I was on a mission to transform some unfinished canvases into a new series of abstract works. And oh my goodness does it feel good!! I love how these are guiding me back to the heart of what I love most in art: light, shadow, texture, color... and working big!

This one is still in its early stages. I started it yesterday morning during a fantastic photo shoot we did with   my fave photographer   (more on that soon!) and the two at the back are complete...

This one is still in its early stages. I started it yesterday morning during a fantastic photo shoot we did with my fave photographer (more on that soon!) and the two at the back are complete...


As the series unfolds, I notice that the story-telling part of my art seems to be morphing into something new. It feels like it's telling less, and so much more all at the same time. Less lines, less imagery, less words, which find their way into my art journal instead. And more pure energy and depth on the canvases. Earthy texture merging with translucent layers, as always. Same techniques... yet so different. So different... yet so me. Here is a short video of the first painting in the series:

“In Between”: an atmospheric abstract where light and shadow weave themselves together mysteriously and harmoniously. Dark layers of India ink dance with subtle, misty whites under a translucent, wax-like, faux encaustic finish.

More paintings at various stages...

Already 3 pieces completed, and for now I get to delight in the soothing vibe they bring into our home, before exhibiting them at my upcoming solo show in September! Unless they fly to new homes before that...

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Upcoming Solo show!

Preparing for an exhibition is the best motivation to get into the studio, get to work and get the job done. Deadlines always give me the boost I need to be more productive, because they leave no time for resistance and procrastination.

Laly Mille - exposition à la Galerie l'Aquarelle, Grez-Neuville, septembre 2018

My upcoming solo show opens on September 1st at the Galerie l'Aquarelle in Grez-Neuville. If you happen to be around, I'd love to meet you there! The gallery is located in a quaint little house by the river, in one of the Loire Valley's loveliest villages (award-winning, I'm not kidding!) My paintings always look that much more magical on ancient stone walls and I can't wait... so back to work!


Thank you for being such a beautiful part of my journey. I hope to see you soon on Instagram, Facebook or even better, in Layers of Light!


With so much Love,


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